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Two 16 year old girls are coming out to stay for a week from 25th July and we are looking to see what is on in the Minervois/Languedoc area which might interest them.  We would love to take them to a pop concert or some kind of musical festival so if anyone knows of anything like that or something else that they might like for that period in July please let me know!   Diana

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Hi everyone! I have my parents coming over for the weekend 14th July, I would love to show them a traditional celebration for the bastille day celebrations, possibly combining dinner with fireworks, does anybody have any suggestions?

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Visitors of ours have asked where they can go and watch bull fighting. I have absolutely no idea (not wanting to be involved at all!). Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

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I really enjoyed the music festival last night, there was such a great atmosphere everywhere and it was lovely to see all the people enjoying various types of music. I was just wondering if anybody knew about the origins of the fete and why it's celebrated every year? thanks!

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It was mentioned in another thread. There is a 'Jeux sans frontieres' or, in this case, 'Intervilles', in Nimes on 7th August. They are competing against Avignon. I can't imagine it being the same without Guy Lux or Eddie Waring (sp?) 

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Right, I've seen that the Arenas in Nimes have got some stuff on and that Toulouse or Toulon also have some well know Variété Internationale  but what about in the Aude and the Herault? Why the big gap between the East and the West? What's wrong with Montpellier?

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Does anybody know when the new X-Men film is due out and if we can watch it in version originale in the Aude? Thanks   tinks

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My husband is somewhat of a filme buff. Where can we see English language films near Nimes?

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Do you play the guitar, fiddle, tin whistle, spoons?  Do you know of a informal amateur music group in the area or would you like to start one up?  We could meet a couple of times a month maybe, and just have a go at playing together. I am based just outside of Uzes.  Cathy Marsden.  :-)

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hi  I am wanting to purchase concert tickets to see Sting in Theatre de la Cite in Carcassonne July 5.  Anybody know how I can get them? I am in Canada and can't seem to find anything on the web to help. many thanks. katyrosess

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Confused! Canal!? Tele2 Which si the best and most reasonable? I understnad that with some we can watch English sport? Are there any French systems where we could also get BBC and ITV?

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BritsNimes is hosting a Spring Village Fete in the ground of beautiful Chateau le Fraissinet in Branoux les Taillades near Ales (Gard)Everybody is welcome - it's going to be a fantastic family day out with kids (and adult's) games, English cream teas, music including majorettes and Scottish Dancing. Local Radio Stations, Face painting, clowns, jugglers, coconut shy, local produce for sale and plants too.For more information and directionsTel 04 66 55 80 70 http://fraissinet.monsite.wanadoo.fr/www.britsnimes.comThanks,Wendy

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My wife and I very much enjoy the jazz, it's her birthday next week and i'd like to find a really nice jazz bar to take her somewhere in the region - i'll travel to find the perfect place! does any one have any ideas?

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I'd very much like to visit some art galleries in the area, i'm particularly interested in seeing the work of some French artists - any ideas?!

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Need to get out and about with the family who are staying. What's good to go and see in and around Montpellier?

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I've not watched a good film for ages! last night i went to see Speilburg's Munich - it was highly disturbing and pretty slow! can anyone recommend a good film, either on DVD or Cinema? also does anyone know where I can watch films in english in the Aude region?

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We would like to find some prints or maybe original art for our new house. Although it may be rather old hat, we would like some views of the region. Where would we find such a thing?

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I'm thinking of buying a digital camera, but could do with a bit of help, i've seen the cheap 100 euro versions and but they don't have a zoom etc and seem a bit pointless other than i can load the pictures up on to the computer. I've got about 250 euros to spend, would like a zoom and maybe a video function. Does anyone have any suggestions where i could buy something decent at a good price, how many mega pixels i need and also whether it's worth buying a printer too or its more economic just to get my pictures developed at photostation or somewhere?

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Which French satellite television system offers the widest range of channels and hence the best value for money?

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Guests have asked me to find out about bull fighting - when does it happen and where? And I won't be going with them!

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