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Hi We are moving to Bize Minervois next month and are trying to set up our telephone and internet prior to arrival. The folks we are buying from are with Orange and we phoned them. The customer services guy told me that their service would only deliver 0-2mbps and that this would be insufficient for anything other than the most basic service. He gave me the number of NordNet (a subsidiary) who offer a service via satellite. Their package looks ok, but has a monthly limit of 15 Gigabytes - as our property is a Chambre D'hote/Gite I'm concerned that this might be burned by guests when we are busy. It requires a dish and set up kit for €199 and the company can provide a list of installers (at extra cost) Has anyone had any experience of NordNet? Thanks Cameron

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Does anyone know a good app for English radio for my iPad. I can't download bbc I player or radio player as it recognizes my account needs to buy from the French iTunes Store - and they don' t do those apps.  there are some advertised on iTunes France, but not sure how to choose one. I know I can listen to I player through the website, but thought an app would be more convenient....

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Hi, anyone advise how we get internet access to our house, don't need it for more than a few weeks at the moment, as we are not living permanently. Can we get it on usage or do I just pay for all year. Other thing is tv. We moved skybox for our other property but understand more limited now but can we improve it. Does anyone have the details of the guy in Carcassonne, think we used him before. Thanks Odette

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Can anyone throw some light on what the problem is with Filmon at the moment or is it just me?  I was here in my home in France in April and it was working fine albeit with occasional buffering. Since I came back last weekend it only works for about a minute before it freezes.  If I change tnhe cnannel from say BBC1 to BBC2 it kciks back in for a while then freezes again.  I watch it on my laptop and dont subscribe as I accept the ads and watch in SD.  Is thre an issue with Filmon transmitting in France?  I have an orange livebox and have no problems with any other internet connections. 

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Hi My eldery father lives in St Jean de Paracol, midway between Quillan, Puivert and Ezpereza, and as his wife has just gone into hospital for end of life care, is feeling very lonely.   He's physically active (with two big dogs) and mentally fairly good for an 82 year old. He used to belong to a boules group in the local village and really enjoyed it, but the expat friends he had there all moved on and so he left. He really needs some social contact and a new interest in life ... He's an ex-journalist, writer, loves boats, used to play chess.... Does anyone know of any regular groups or classes who meet in his area? Thanks Tia

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Has anyone successfully connected a brand new LG TV to a brand new Humax box?  It doesn't behave the way the english bought TV does, that just did everything automatically.   Helen

started by: Malvies4 · last update: 1432541299 · posted: 1432045534

We are moving to Malvies in just our 3 weeks and I have just been informed that Orange FR have reached their maximum number of lines in our village so we are having to research other options. I will need to work from home so it's important it's reliable and we intend to watch TV online so unlimitted useage would be ideal. We are currently exploring satellite options but don't know much about it. Can anyone recommend any service providers / packages that they are on please? We urgently need to get something sorted or we may not be able to make the move due to my work. Thanks for your help.

started by: roy_macmeg-493250 · last update: 1432055271 · posted: 1432055271

Hi everyone just a little email see if there is anyone out there who has a studio to sing and record some songs . Also anyone that might need a singer through the month of august or at weekends . Im 43 male enjoy singing very much use to do karaoke in pubs across wales years ago and would  like to get back into singing again Roy

started by: sarah1108 · last update: 1431454316 · posted: 1431418819

Hello Can anyone please advise on UK Sky tv here in the Languedoc? We live near Limoux and have tried a magbox after having been told we had the correct internet speed, but unfortunately it did not work as advertised and we constanly had the picture freezing. We have had to return this product and unfortunately they will not refund us despite the service not working as per the advert.....We are now looking ar astra sat and looking for any advice please? We believe we need a 1.2 dish for this service to work Any advice will be most welcome Thanks in advance

started by: EllieGibbs · last update: 1431102034 · posted: 1431102034

Hello. I'm looking to speak to people who have made the decision to leave the UK and move abroad for a potential documentary. At the moment it is just in the research phase so I'm just looking to talk to some people and find out more about the reasons they might move.  Thanks and all the best,  Ellie Gibbs ellie.gibbs@libertybell.tv    020 7598 7209

started by: Livemuiscfrance · last update: 1426766510 · posted: 1426766510

A live show from Michaels Irish Pub   100% Irish Folk , Rock and Country with chat and of course the pop quiz !     Listen every sunday from 17.00 or catch the Podcast next day https://www.mixcloud.com/XPatshow/the-expat-show-live-from-la-legende-irlandaise-jegun-for-st-patricks-day/

started by: wendyj-492299 · last update: 1426498863 · posted: 1425913638

Hello We've started a new Facebook group for people in the Languedoc who are single. Whether you are looking for someone for a day out or to share a coffee with... or if you are looking for something more...  Please join us... https://www.facebook.com/groups/1561095850824894/?fref=ts    

started by: leannehindle · last update: 1421444170 · posted: 1420571111

Hi All, I have spoken to the Monocine at Polygone Bezier and they have kindly agreed to put on the VO (Original language version) of Paddington on Sunday 18th of January at 10.45am - if I can give them a rough idea of people interested (needs to reach a certain level, noone will be "held" to attendance!!) can you please put a quick message onthis post if you would like to see it with (or without!) your children, and how many will be in your party. many thanks.

started by: joy orme-495793 · last update: 1421153738 · posted: 1421085582

I live near Rouvenac and am looking to buy some firewood for my woodburners. can anyone help? Thanks Joy Orme

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 http://www.mixcloud.com/XPatshow/the-50th-expat-show-14th-december/    Click on this link and catch up with a 35 year musical journey with Neil Murray live in the studio. Neil has played with White Snake ,Black Sabbath,Brian May and We Will Rock You and loads more world famous bands and made a special trip to be with us in the studio . Next week is the Christmas Party from 17.00 on www.radiocoteaux.com                                                                                                                                                                                            Merry Christmas from Steve ,Suzy and Jeff " The Expat Show is community music radio

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Hello, I'm relatively new in the Castelnaudary Area and I am looking to connect with other American's in the Area.  My French husband and I lived in the States for 13 years together before moving to France last year.  We have 3 children ages 11, 8, and 2.  I am at stay at home mom, and while I love living here and close to my husbands family and friends  I am finding myself a bit tired of the "French" and feeling somewhat homesick.  I have been having trouble finding other English speakers, although i've heard that there are many, even American's living in our area.  If anyone out there is close to me and would like to get a coffee or a beer please let me know! Many thanks, Jennifer from Philly

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Since I've been asked several times by friends and clients, I am offering a tour in English next Monday 8th Dec in the morning. Just in case anyone is interested or knows about someone else that could be interested. I supposed many have been in the museum although it completely changes when things are explained. nik

started by: BsAs-500412 · last update: 1415903953 · posted: 1412841871

Hi! Does anybody know if there is an expat group which meets regularly to practice French in Capestang or nearby? Or can recommend a good private French teacher for weekly classes? Thanks in advance! Carolina.

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We are an early retired couple and have just moved to Agde  and wondered if there are any English speaking groups that we could meet up with.  

started by: marytv · last update: 1407780585 · posted: 1404120291

Hello, I am new to the Pezenas area.  I have moved to a new village nearby. Whilst I am very excited at discovering all that this region has to offer, I'd be happier doing in the company of others.  Are there any clubs or other to meet like minded people?  Would love to receive any comments.  May.

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