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As I understand that friends that have purchased larger dishes are still haing problems, we are considering (at least in the short term), subscribing to Internet TV FROM 'UKTV in France' at 14.99€ per month. I contacted them eleven days ago by email, and left a voicemail two days ago, but have still not received a reply. This together with several typos on their website has led me to wonder how professional they are. Has anyone tried them?  And is it any more reliable than filmon, with which we find we have frequent problems with it freezing and messing about. Also 'UK TV in France' record a rolling fortnight from which you can call up any programme which gives greater flexibility than streaming from filmon.  Debbie

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Hi, Does anyone know if the International Folk Dancing Festival is still taking place in Quillan? I notice it has disappeared off the Quillan Tourist information diary. Anyone know why?? I'm very disappointed, as I've always enjoyed this greatly. Celestine

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French retailers are often criticized for poor customer service ! We were very pleased at the way we were delt with by Magasin BUT in Narbonne.  We purchased an expensive smart TV on Saturday afternoon,  It did not work. We returned the TV on Monday morning, They immediately agreed to exchange the TV for another. They had no stock, so asked their internal transport to collect a new TV from the store in Perpignan. It arrived in Narbonne at 3pm on Monday and we collected the new  TV at 4.30 pm . It worked ! !   Thank you BUT for top notch customer service. Ian & Gillian  Ventenac en Minervois

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Can anyone help. After loosing UK TV we have recentle used Filmon successfully, but how does your internet use change?  I have been told to check my bandwidth with our supplier SFR but I don't really know what I am talking about!!!!!  (Hubby says no change there!!)  Would appreciate some clarity please.

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I am situated between Perpignan and the Med and like so many others have lost the free BBC etc. ect. Has any one in the area been able to recover the signal by some means or other. Any help would be gratefully received. I have read about many other ways of receiving via the internet but I am of  the age group that finds it hard to understand and I only have a slow internet speed. To change to a higher speed is beyond my computer knowledge.    

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Hi, Is anybody out there still having problems getting good British television. My French friend has fitted a new 120cm dish new head, was fine for three weeks, then we went on holiday and since we came back last Monday 12th May it is awful, pixels everywhere. The funny thing is from time to time it is perfect. Most annoying anyone any suggestions please!!!. I live in Malves near Trebes, not far from Carcassonne, all help really appreciated.

started by: Thelittlegreenfrog · last update: 1399137572 · posted: 1395085862

My friend and I both live in Beziers 34500 and have recently lost BBC and ITV channels. We each have a Grundig Freesat decoder and 80cm dish and do not understand what has happened. Can anyone advise us please? Thank you.

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Hello I have just joined Angloinfo and have just moved to France!  I have bought a village house in Caunes Minervois and need to have Internet installed as soon as possible. Can anyone advise me on the fastest, easiest most economical way of doing it.  My French is very rusty so that makes it more dificult. Any help most welcome. Gill

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Hi, I am looking for an english vocal coach to help me with my singing. In the Beziers/ Pezenas region. Please get in contact if you are interested or know of anybody. Thanks

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Looking for 4 tickets to Stromae in Zenith Montpellier 28 march or Nimes in July . Will pay good price.

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Hi, My partner and I have just moved to Montpellier. We are both artists and social. We were wondering if there is a group of people who meet up anywhere so that we can meet other expats in the city for a drink or a cup of tea? I am South African and he is Swiss in our early 40`s. We are open minded and could do with any advise as we are very new and speak very little french. What a surprise:)  

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Hi We have recently purchased a holiday home near Carcassonne, we will be visiting a few times a year for now and will require english TV channels and Broadband connection. Is it possible to get tailor made services or do we have to have year round contracts. Any suggestions?

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It would be great if anyone could point out some good websites advertising more of 'what's on' round the Carcassonne area... especially the free events!  I'd love to find 'folk club' scenarios, as I love traditional music sessions, especially anything involving singing or the accordion...... that kinda thing.  Here's hoping! Many thanks.....

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Has anyone subscribed to expat telly?  we are moving house in 2 weeks and do not want to instal a dish until we know what is happening with Sky etc.  However we found that we could get Channels vi Expat Telly although there is a subscription cost.   Has anyone used this service and what are your thoughts?

started by: Rebekah-488614 · last update: 1389695572 · posted: 1388921864

We have recently installed a new decoder haveing had real problems with old one but now wondering whther our problem is something else as we seem to have the poorest picture quality on all but a few channels. I know they are moving satelite but I am guessing if this was related we wouldn't have any picture at all rather than lots of pixelation! We can get more 4 but not channel 4 nor sure that I follow the logic of this! If any one can help that would be much appreciated.

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Anyone fancy learning Bridge? No cost, no obligation, no hassles, no long lessons, no book learning.Purely as a social event. At most it'll cost you a couple of glasses of wine or maybe a coffe Just two hours and you'll be playing your first game. All you need is a table, a pack of cards and three mates. Near Canet d'Aude (11) Give us a call to chat 06 89 96 96 49   Chris and Sue  

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Does anyone know where we might be able to 'catch-up' on the above please?  Set Humax to series record and it managed to miss 3/4 of the programme - great! Any suggestions greatfully received.

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Hello, I'm getting married near the Narbonne area next year and was wondering if anyone can recommend a DJ that would be familiar with UK music. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Everyone I will be meeting my (Irish) friend from Cornwall for a break in 2nd week of September and will be staying in Nizas I am a Cornish girl living in the Charente and it will be my first visit to the area. I want to make the most of our week in the area. My friend finds it too quiet for her liking in the Charente and is keen to meet other English people here. We also miss our music nights and going to the cinema. We like good food but nothing fancy, we both love fish. We don't have a lot of money to spend and want to make the most of this break as we don't know when we will get to spend another one together. We have been friends for over 30 years but do have different tastes and interests but also consider each other. She will be travelling without her husband so will be good to make the most of our girly time together. So would love to know if there are any good reasonably priced restaurants in the area. Any English/Irish bars. Any music nights from Jazz, Classical, Rock to Folk music. Any good Indian or Chinese restaurants...............oh and is there a Lidls lol I love swimming in the sea and reading and relaxing in the sun whereas my friend would prefer to wander around the shops so somewhere on the coast where we could both do our own thing would be good too. Thank you for your time Sue

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Hi , Am i right in thinking there are always fireworks on Bastille day night over Carcassonne. If so where is the best place to be to get the best view ? I wondered if anyone has a plan as i imagen it is a bit busy as far as parking etc is concerned. 

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