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Bonjour, having problems with our sky box or dish not sure which and looking to see if there are any companies/individuals in our area who are expert at this.  We are between Narbonne and Beziers.  thanks

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Hiya, Just moved into this beautiful region and love Limoux but am at a loss as to know what to do to kick start my social life!. I've joined AVF and classes start next week, to help learn french but where do I go from here, with regards to meeting both english and french people, everyone seems to be in couples! Help! V

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we are staying in saint cyprian plage for the whole of june and ondered if their were any places that offered live music, we have a wide taste in music

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I've recently moved close to San Pons, 40 mins west of Beziers and I'm looking to get together with local musicians. I have a large practice room where I live which is ideal for rehearsals. Influences are mainly blues and blues rock but I'm open minded. If anyones interested in a jam and maybe forming a band please get in touch! This is more for fun initially and I'm not looking to form a working band right now.. I play lead guitar and have a small drum kit here. All age groups welcome.. Cheers, Graham

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Hi there,   Although I have been living in Gruissan for the last six years, I have only just got around to trying to find an International Women's group. This has been due to if I am honest laziness and the dreadful transport service from Gruissan into Narbonne.   But, lucky me for Christmas my lovely partner having, had enough of my ' there is nothing for me to do here!' bought me a car. As there is no longer any excuse I would love to meet up with like minded women from the Narbonne/Bezier/Lezignan area. It will force me to drive outside of the safety of Gruissan.   Anyone out there know of or interested in starting a group in the area?

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Just went on to check out our movies in Perpignan.  But, Perpignan wasn't listed at all.  Does anyone know why this is?

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Would anyone know where I can buy or exchange books in English in or around Uzes? Or even Nimes if I have to...

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Anyone doing quizzing near Cote Vermeil or PO?  I've become an Eggheads fan.  cheers marl     

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Hi, Does anyone know of anywhere in the Bedarieux, Lamalou les Bains, Columbiere Sur Orb area that is showing the Olympics? We do not have tv or internet but would like to watch the closing ceremony on our hols. I would be grateful of any help in finding a bar, sports bar etc Elizabeth

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Hi, hoping for some advice I bought Duran Duran tickets online via the Carcassonne festival's website. I paid with a credit card and received an email confirming the credit card payment and a reference number ... but no tickets. Do I just turn up with a copy of the email? I've tried to contact the festival ticket office but no response many thanks, Amanda

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I'd like to watch films in English. Does anyone know of a reliable postal DVD club, that sends out a wide range of english language films?? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,Bridget

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Having just replaced our perfectly good TV in the UK because the kids thought it was old fashioned, we thought we would bring the old one to our house in France but it is only PAL. Has anyone had any experience of trying to get a decoder so that it will work on Secal? Thanks. Geoff

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Hi I'm a guitarist and I'd be interested in meeting some likeminded musicians in the the area about 15 - 20 North of Narbonne with the view to form a band or just share in some music. I might add that this would be for musicians of a certain age !! The influences would be more hard edged country - John Prine, Townes van Zant, Gram Parsons type of thing as well as a bit of country blues. It would be great to get Banjo, Fiddle, and Mandolin together as well as the usual guitar and bass. Anyone interesed please contact me. Thanks

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Hello everyone! Me and my family( 4 of us, 2 are 17) are renting a property in Puissalicon in August this year. Can anyone suggest places to eat/markets and things to do in the area? We enjoy good food and my husband likes to cook with local delicacies. He also goes scuba diving if anyone knows of a club? Many questions I know, but there doesn't seem to be much on line to find:)I look forward to hearing from you. ThanksKickiS

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If you would like to meet more people in the area, I have decided to host a coffee morning, once every 2 weeks in the village of Moussoulens, just 15 minutes from Carcassonne. It will be a great opportunity to meet local people. There will be English books for sale along with home made biscuits, tea and coffee. For more information please email: bobcarcassonne@hotmail.com

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Going stir crazy, does anyone in the 11330 area know how to put up and find Sky TV signal, got digi-box but no dish/co-axial cable. If so please contact me on 0468704015 very soon PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

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We wondered what activities (if any) go on in Carcassonne on New Years Eve. Can anyone recommend a good restaurant that will be open?Thanks

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I am looking for a magician, face painting or simular who could come to our house (1 Hour) for my sons birthday party, who will be 7 years old on the 6th July. We are located in cuxac cabardes (11390). Any reccomandations very much appreciated.Victoria

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We are looking for a band for our daughters wedding in July. Preferably young & modern, the wedding is 15kms from Narbonne. If anybody knows of a good band in this area please can they let me know. Thanks MGB11

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After having seen some VO films at Narbonne Mega CGR, I was a little worried that they weren't showing any. So I thought I'd write to them seeing there are so many summer blockbusters on their way, starting with Pirates of the Caribbean! This is the reply I got:Hello, We will soon resume VOST. We are seeing some details with distributors for negotiations on the VOST films. I would also like to put more film in VO, however I find it difficult to justify the cost to distributors of a copy VO compared to weak demand in Narbonne. I assure you I am doing everything I can to provide maximum film in this version. Patience, I'm working on do not worry. Film, Cédric Fayolle Director - MEGA CGR NARBONNESo a little plea, if you like going to see VO films and you live in the Narbonne region, please support them so they'll show more. I was surprised how good the cinema was, huge screens, comfortable seats, and very reasonable prices!

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