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Bonjour tout! I represent a UK band called The Entire Band. They play all over Europe for free and last year they got rave reviews in the Aveyron. This summer, they are playing near Narbonne but are also available between the 8th and 13th of August. I would like to find a venue for them preferably at Valras Plage for one night during this period. If anyone has any bright ideas, I would be most grateful if you could contact me. I shall be in Valras next Tuesday and Wednesday, the 17th and 18th of May if you need to meet me in the flesh so to speak. The band's website is www.theentireband.com. Thanks, Alan

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Hi, We would love to meet some new people in the area (Carcassonne). I am Irish and have been living in Carcassonne for 1 year. My husband is English. We are in our mid-thirties and have a business here. As I work from home I don't have many opportunities to meet people. We like going to markets, movies, going out for meals or drinks and having the craic! Looking forward to hearing from you.

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HorairesOuverture aux exposants 08 : 00 ouverture au public 10 : 00.Arrêt 17 : 00

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Time to educate and celebrate! Montpelier International Language Institute (MILI) is having an Open Door event this weekend and next, 19th and 26th from 11-16. We'll have tons of fun educational games in French and English, prizes, refreshments and some tasty snacks for young and adults. Come in and see what all the buzz is about with our language institute. Yes, this is the only school in this area leveraging the power of the iPads to augment the interactivity of our classes WHEN: Saturday March 19th & 26th WHERE: 5 Rue du Cannau, very close to the Préfecture and in the heart of the historical center of Montpellier WHAT TIME: 11 - 16 Call or email us if you need additional information or just want to chat with us about this event. Our number is 04 11 75 53 31 and our email address is contact@mili-fr.com. You can also visit our site at www.mili-fr.com to view our large offering of classes Come to our OPEN HOUSE to find out how MILI can help you!

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I will be in Ravel/Carcassonne with my English partner( I am Irish) and we will want to watch the match. Does anyone know where it is being shown. We don't mind where as my other half has to see it. Thanks Zig

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We would really like to drive down to Spain next week and stay for the evening. Really fancy eating good tapas (ideally somewhere by the sea) and then tie it in with a bit of food shopping etc... Not really sure where to go to be honest, so if anyone can recommend anywhere, that would be great! Thanks

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Hello everybody. My fella and I are getting married in the Argeles area in the Spring....We need a really good, knee slapping, ass shaking, band.... and as our family & friends are mostly British, I'm not sure a french cover group would really cut it.Anyone have any ideas?Thanks..

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Singles in France (SIF) Having become single myself, I thought it would be a good idea to try to join together as many people as possible, we can discuss and plan evenings out or events, All ages welcome, It's on face book so no fee's or charges and advertising isn’t allowed, a completely voluntary group of people having fun, you don’t have to be single but it is tilting in that way, all I ask is that you live in France and you make friends with me for admin reasons only, but you don‘t even have to do that if you not want to, Our membership is growing to all parts of France and we also have a map to show where we all are, it is only a guide so exact locations will never show. Also your other friends won’t know you are part of the group unless you tell them. It’s a good way of making friends in France that are like you. In the search window in face book type this: Singles in France And click the join button. If this not work, do the following: Log into your face book account first then Copy this, and paste into internet explorer where you have https:// etc http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_169211149761109&ap=1#!/home.php?sk=group_169211149761109&ap=1 Then click the join button Hope to see you soon.

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Bonjour,just arrived in Nîmesfrom Normandywhere I used to sing with a English friend (in a pub in the middle of nowhere- folk, jazz, all kind of songsI wonder if I could do the same here ! I am Frenchbut was teaching French to English peopleOh La La...Zut alors !Isabelle

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Hi - I was wondering if anyone could help me out.I've had the FTA satellite channels (BBC, ITV, Sky news etc) for a couple of years after my local installer eventually figured out how to set it up. Now it's suddenly stopped working and I can't find out why. I've tried to re-install the channels and it detects nothing at all. The installer unsurprisingly doesn't know why and assures me the dish hasn't moved. He doesn't get that the UK channels are on ASTRA though my dish is pointing another direction to my German neighbour...One of his theories is that the UK channels have moved to another satellite? Doesn't sound likely - does anyone know if this is the case?I've tried also re-configuing the box, but have no idea really what anything does. Can anyone let me know which codes I need to use?LBN FrequencyDisEqc Switch22KhzDiscEqc PositionerIs there a specific TP?PID set upPlease help me out so I can see at least Match of the Day this weekend!!!Thanks

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Lion TV is looking to feature American families living in the south of France, who are about to undertake a remodeling of their French home. The adults in the family should be in their 20's, 30's or 40's, and the remodeling should take place in December-January. If you meet the criteria and think that you would enjoy the experience please contact me, Laurence Raybois, at poliana@yourfrenchhome.com

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I am based in Autignac, near Beziers, and am looking for a singing teacher, does anyone know of anyone? Thanks in advance

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Now casting a new television show for HGTV. Looking for American couples (ages 20's to late 40's) or families that have recently purchased a permanent home in France, Italy or Morocco. Homeowners should be planning to renovate at least one room in their new house. Shooting needs to begin before the renovations start. If you or someone you know would like to be considered for the show, please email me at andrew.hecht@liontv.us

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Hello;I´ll be in Montpellier over the holidays checking out the area ................I left france in 1993 ...................so long time ago!I like to meet new friends and a do need more info about the area to buy a property again!I´m a female in "good shape" interessted in animal protection ;western riding and much more!Living in germany right know!If somebody is interssted please contact me at: repeip@gmx.dethank you,ellen

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....for the CAP LIBERTE SENIORS exhibition at the PALAIS DES EXPOSITIONS, 34500 BEZIERS. Cap Liberte is a lifestyle and property show aimed specifically at the over 50's age group. There are lots of stands covering a wide variety of topics including health and well being, travel, property and currency exchange. If you have ever fancied hitting the road in a sparkly new motorhome there are a number of different models on display to choose from......and of course there are refreshments, entertainment and prizes galore, so why not pop along if you are in the area. Entry is normally 5 euros per person but is free if you mention ANGLO INFO and the name of the organisor (Judith) See you there.....

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Looking for a woman's medieval peasant (or similar) costume - Make or hire or buy. No witches or vampires. Beziers / Narbonne area. Any ideas?

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Hi , the above happens in the early evening , channel 4 + 1 , E4 , E4+1 , more 4 but not +1 and later on Film 4 messes about as well , shock horror the other evening , Dougray Scott was breaking up ! Also , does any-one pick up CBS Action ? I can't .

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Our 20yr old aupair is struggling to find other people her age in the area! Olonzac/Ginestas. Where are the region's 20yr olds and what do they do by way of social life??! If you have any suggestions please let us know; she would love to meet up with people for coffee and a gossip and she speaks english, german and french so can gossip in many languages...! Thank you

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I have found my self in france alone and a little bord and would like to meet up with some people for a drink. Montpellier area but going to do a bit of traveling along south coast I think so anywhere.

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Does anyone know of a vide-granier being held around the Ceret, Perpignan area on Sunday 3rd or Sunday 10th October Please? Many thanks

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