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Hello! We are a french couple with a baby who are interrested about find couple english people to make friend. I am looking into meet  mother & baby/ toddler group around Béziers/ Montpellier area.It would be very helpful to know if there are parents/ nannies out there interested.thanks

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Hi guys! I am looking into setting up a mother & baby/ toddler group in Aix en Provence/ Montpellier area.I am looking at different location and this is why I am asking for your views on this. It would be very helpful to know if there are parents/ grandparents/ au pairs/ nannies out there interested. It will be run from 9:15-10:45am with coffee & a snack for kids , with toys, games & art/ craft activities available. Both English & French carers will be welcome. Fees: €3 per child or €5 for 2 + children. All comments/ suggestions are welcome! 

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I am interested in setting up a small private bilingual school for children aged between 6-11 years old in the Narbonne/Perpignan area. If you would be interested for your child please contact me for more information.

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Hi there, Hoping for some advice. We have moved to france for a year with our 3 kids, 8, 11 and 11. Indeed twins. We aThe small one should go to primary. The twins should go to college. We rent a friends house (temporary solution) but have no formal lease signed. Since we are not having a formal lease agreement, we were told by the 'marie' that our kids can not go to school. We are not wanting to throw ourself in a 3 year lease which we will have to cut early. And finding alternative furnished housing for 9 months seems quite challenging.Can anyone tell me the required administration necessary for children to access french schools. Is there a way to access schools without presenting a lease agreement? The kids have EU belgian & australian citizenship. We are not employed in france. thanks!Veronique

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Hello there, i am looking for a little help and direction please. We are a family of 4 who got a long time have wanted to move to France. We have decided it would be sensible to rent for 6 months first to immerse ourselves in the region and see how it goes but keep our home in the uk. My daughter is 5, 6 in may, my son 18 months, 2 in Jan. We are looking around the ceret region and hoped someone might be able to guide us on good schools in the area for both kids, not international.  Also in terms of living somewhere fairly sociable, where is good? Holidaying is so different to the real living experiece any advice appreciated. Wifi important as I work from home! 

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Good afternoon, we are moving to the Homps area of Aude in September. My 13 year old son was hoping to attend local school. However we have just been told he will need to take a proficiency test and may need to go to International school. The nearest one is an hour and a half away and this is not practical. My question is, has anyone experienced this test, and does anyone know if there are examples of the test which we can look at? Many thanksJ

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To visit us daily in the Summer at the Camping Aloha, Serignan plage to teach my 14 year old.  Please contact me on kateinportland@aol.com.  Thank you.

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Hello, I am currently pregnant with my second child and looking to move to Montpellier/Nimes area. I currently live in the Dordogne and childbirth is seen as something extremely medicalised here. I was wondering whether anyone have given birth in the area, can recommend a good hospital OB/GYN? I would ideally like a birth where I can follow my own instincts and be an natural as possible. Thank you very much!Victoria

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Hello, my French husband, our 7 year old daughter and I will be moving from California to Castelnau-le-Lez during the summer of 2017. We are considering registering her at l'École élémentaire Jean Moulin. Does anyone know the criteria for school registration in this village? For instance, there seem to be more single family home rentals in nearby Clapiers, but perhaps we must live directly in Castelnau in order to register our daughter there. (We plan on renting to give us time to look for a home to buy.) Any advice is welcome - thank you! 

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Hi to all, we are a french family who moved in Beziers after a few years spent in Thailand. our 2 kids, Simon 8 and Romy 4, were attending an international school,where they spoke English, but here, they obviously go to a French school and we fear they might forget englisg

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We will be in Lezignan-Corbieres for July & August this year and are looking for some activities and friends for our 13 year old son and/or some kind of language exchange. Thanks for any ideas and suggestions.

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Hi, I am due to give birth in May, and wondered if anyone knew of any baby groups in the area? I live in Sauvian which is just outside of Bezier. I have a 5 year old, but meeting new mums with babies would be fantastic!! 

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Hi there, I've recently moved to France from England with my partner and our 4 month old son. I would love to meet up with other mums and babies for tea/coffee/wine (!) and for my son Xavier to have other babies to play with. It would be great to hear from existing baby groups or to start a new one. Please do get in touch.

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HelloMy name is Anne.  I am French but have lived the past 23 years in the US.  I am thinking of moving back...(year 2017/18)joined by a 17 year old daughter, a son of 11 and their dad.The kids are bilingual, not the dad!!!I have made some promising contact to get a job as a teacher in Montpellier.  However, Tom has nothing yet.Advice???, help please!!!!!job wise...family wise (adapting with two teenagers)...ANYTHING!!! ANYBODY??Thank you for your answers

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Hello - does anyone know of a retirement home/assisted living facility with at least some English speaking staff and residents in Languedoc/Roussillon?

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hey all, me and my partner and son are from England and have just moved outside of Narbonne, after travelling for some time. our 6 year old (elwyn) would love some play dates with other kids around the area, . some kiddie time would be great :)if anyones around and fancies meeting up, let me no.

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My family and I are considering a move from New York to the Uzes area late this summer.  I am a french speaker, but my wife is a complete beginner, and will be looking for instruction.   We have 2 boys, aged 5 and 9, who we will want to enroll in school.  Any advice as to a good school in the town, and a bit of info on how english speaking children are integrated into the french education system would be greatly appreciated.  And if you've got a sizable mas for sale in or around the town, we may be interested.  Thanks in advance...

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We are looking for an English tutor for our daughter who can teach the UK curriculum. She is currently in 6eme here in France, we are looking for someone who can keep her to the level of UK English for her age. We live near Limoux

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we  currently rent a house in Le Boulou and our son (7) goes to the local primary school (cu1) our daughter goes to the creche. we would like to buy a house but would like it to be near the college our son will attend. We are considering Argeles, Ceret or Thuir but was hoping to get some reviews/thoughts on Colleges in these areas. Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks

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Hello I just wanted to say thanks to any replies I have had to previous cries for help!....this site has proved invaluable to me being a relatively newcomer to France and still struggling with the language! So many people take the time to respond - much appreciated I am looking for any info on the school Jeanne D'Arc in Carcassonne please. If anyone has children there or knows anyone that does. I would be really grateful Many thanks

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