Australian Belgian kids need to go to school

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Hi there, Hoping for some advice. We have moved to france for a year with our 3 kids, 8, 11 and 11. Indeed twins. We aThe small one should go to primary. The twins should go to college. We rent a friends house (temporary solution) but have no formal lease signed. Since we are not having a formal lease agreement, we were told by the 'marie' that our kids can not go to school. We are not wanting to throw ourself in a 3 year lease which we will have to cut early. And finding alternative furnished housing for 9 months seems quite challenging.Can anyone tell me the required administration necessary for children to access french schools. Is there a way to access schools without presenting a lease agreement? The kids have EU belgian & australian citizenship. We are not employed in france. thanks!Veronique

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vacancesthezan 1458559001

If the property is furnished then the lease is nothing like 3 years - usually quarterly with notice. Google "location meublée" and you will find everything you need to know - even a contract to download. This should be acceptable to your Mairie as it is an official document for rental

Good luck

pilvikki 1462887503

this is rather odd. for one, if you're renting from a friend, you could have pretty much any kind of rental agreement drawn up. we rented from a total stranger and had a six month's lease.
hope it all works out for you.

tina-caboor-906352 1501688641

Hi Veronique,

wonder if you are still in the area, we, a belgium (dutch) family moved to beziers area in april, mother of a 6 year old daughter, who started school and is have a difficult time adjusting to the language..would like to know how things are going for your family

however, we have a 8 month holiday lease and had no problem signing her up for school here, guess it depends on who you have to deal with at the mairie..

luckily our french is fluent, or it would have been another story..

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