Baby groups? New Mums?

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Hi, I am due to give birth in May, and wondered if anyone knew of any baby groups in the area? I live in Sauvian which is just outside of Bezier. I have a 5 year old, but meeting new mums with babies would be fantastic!! 

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I live in ceret and i started a baby group 7 months ago we have 7/8 of us and always want new mums . We meet once a month and some ladies come from over 1 hour away . Please call me for  a chat 0468552491 Thanks Sophie also i have a 3 1/2 year old as well

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Hi, im Australian and due in September and will be living in Narbonne (we think) and would be very interested in a mothers group as this is my first!!

So keen to hea more about this as it gets going. and possibly join in September.

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I have just realised these are from 2013 but i will still be there from June 2014 and due in September 2014 so any mothers groups around then would be invaluable to me. will keep my eyes peeled on here.

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Hi, I don't suppose the group in Céret still meet up? I've just moved to the area from England and would love to meet some Mum's for chats and for my 4 month old to have other babies to play with! Please do let me know.

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