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my son and his wife and two children are moving to Canet from australia. can anyone recommend a school for the children . They are aged 8 years and 5 years.   Thank you!

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Alan C-B 1447536943

.... There are quite a few Canet's in France, do you mean the one not too far from Perpignan? There are loads of good schools here. The Catholic one has the best exam results otherwise there is the Lyceum Agglo which has good teachers and facilities. I am not sure about Canet Plage and Port but I am sure they could start there!

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annie2168 1447544011

Thanks for your reply, the place is Canet-en-Roussillion

They will be living about 5 minutes drive from the water,

Could you give me addresses for these schools please, do they have to pay fees?

All of Australia are praying for your people, a candlelight vigil was held in Sydney last night and the opera house is in you flag colours.

TASKER-497318 1447591478

Hiya    -    at 8 & 5yrs   the children will go into Primaire and Maternelle -    generally the local schools are the best  -   if they are in a village the school could be within a couple of minutes walk.   If you use a government school these are free -  private schools have fees.    For Primaire and maternelle school transport is free -  if you need it .   Putting the children in the nearest local school is also a good way for them to make local friends.   Being Australian they may need different paperwork  -  for euro entrolements you normally need -   vaccination certificates - birth certificates and insurance.  For Maternelle & Primaire the insurance is included in your household insurance -  collège & lycée is bought as a seperate policy.   I would tell your son not to worry about enrolement -  wait until he arrives and then go to the schools  -   usually new students are in their classroom within a couple of days.   Depending on the school you will either enrol directly at the school or at the local mairie -   for our youngest son in Maternelle we had to go to the Mairie and our eldest at Primaire we went to the school where the teacher literally yanked him out of our hands and put him at an empty desk !!   We have experienced Maternelle - Primaire - Collége & Lycée and have been very happy with the standard  -   good luck  Carol x

annie2168 1447624552

Thank you very much for this information. I will pass it on .


Merci from Down Under!

Alan C-B 1447626410

.... Tasker or Carol has given you better advice than I could give - My kids are now grown up and have careers of their own. I wouldn't worry about your grandchildren's education as that is a subject that France takes very seriously. Tasker didn't mention benefits, there is money available for books etc.

... Yes, the events in Paris last night were rather tragic but inevitable. Muslim extremists seem to be infiltrating Europe. I have lived here for a number of years and have noticed that the youth in the Muslim communities have become more aggressive but having said that I was in our local Arab market this morning buying my weekly fruit + veg and when interviewed by FR3 I told them it just seemed like business as usual, despite the fact in France, we are on high security alert. Am I worried? ... not really - I have lived in five African countries and have seen more than my fair share of extremism. 

Thanks for your solidarity from down under - we will be safe enough as long as our security services can protect us.

Back to education ... Hakuna Mutata - there is enough help here, expat or otherwise to get them started.


TASKER-497318 1447668754

Hiya -    the money available for books  (mentioned by Alan)   could be the Rentre Scolaire -   this is a benefit provided by the CAF but is only available to people on a low / lowish income.   It is for school materials  -   exercise books - pens - etc are to be purchased by the parents not the school - even to be used for clothes etc and school meals.    For collège and lycée - parents on low income can apply for a bourse for school meals and boarding costs.    The average income of 29,000€ income for a family of 2 children will give a Rentré scolaire payment of 360€ per child under 10yrs .   It is paid in August and the allowance will be valid on income from the previous year.   (Could have increased slightly that was 2013)   Some schools will provide some materials and generally provide most text books for that years lesons.    I'm presuming you would be able to apply for AF (family allowance in UK)  not 100% sure if the rules are the same for Australians as Europeans.   There was a previous link on here from another Australian family asking about paperwork -   could be worth your son contacting them for more info.

I previously mentioned the vaccination certificates -   the french want the usual MMR etc but also ask for a Tetenus injection every five years 

Carol x

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