Childcare / things to do for 2 year olds

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We are moving to near Limoux in June and have a 2 year old little boy. I was hoping to get 2 days a week or similar of childcare for him (with other children) so that he doesn't miss out on the social interaction he currently gets from nursery in the UK. We won't know any similar age children in the area and would like him to have some company and exposure to the language. There are only 2 Creches listed in Limoux and they are full can anyone suggest any alternatives?  Also, any suggestions of things to do with a 4 and 2 year old would be welcome. Thanks for your help

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I think there is a creche in Belveze, in a new building near the football pitches and lake.

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Thanks very much, we'll give them a try too.

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Hi   -   There is a good quality state creche in Chalabre -   but could be too far away from you   Carol x

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