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Hello Can anyone advise on the college Saint Joseph in Limoux please? We moved to the area last summer from the UK and our daughter attends Saint Germain in Limoux. She has settled very well and we are extremely pleased with all the help she has been given. She is due to start college in Sept and just wondered if anyone has any good or bad advice to offer ? I think there is one other college in Limoux? Thx in advance ....again!

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I know a lot of people who have had kids at St Jo. Until last year it seemed to be OK, although not particularly understanding of children with any problems.My son is dyslexic and despite it being the dyslexia centre for this region he was unhelpfully described as handicapped! However, that said, he got his Brevet and made some good friends there. The principle changed last year and certainly the lycée side deteriorated with 20 out of 26 leaving my sons class (Seconde) at the end of term last year.

My son is now at a state school and said the difference in funding available to the school is immense. He is much happier, as are his friends who also changed. As my son left the college side two years ago I am not sure how that is functioning at the moment. The other college is Delteil in Limoux, which seems to be fine from what I have heard

Hope this helps

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hI  Vickym -    my son is also dyslexic but has received alot of help -   he passed his Brevet and took the exam with an aide -  in a seperate room to the other students and had extra time.    He is now in Lycée at Castelnaudary and they have been very helpful.    When he was in Primaire he saw the orthophoniste weekly and was seen by specialists at Foix hospital.   This process was called a Bilan Pluridisciplinaire -   have you been offered this?    The end result was a certificate was issued for my son which covers him for present and all future education.   The certificate was issued by Montpellier Academy -  and he has to show this at each school year entry and again with any paperwork for future exams.   The certificate states 'handicapé'   but I dont take offence -   its actually a great bonus.  It sounds like your son could be in the same year as mine -   if you havent been through this process it might not be too late before you son takes his exams at the end of Terminale year .   You can PM me if you want through this site xx Carol xx

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