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How easy is it for non-french nationals to get discounted rates for pensioners? I am over 65 but was refused a cheaper rate at the local swimming pool on the grounds that I had no official french documentation with me. In a way it was flattering to be assumed to be less than the official French retirement age especially as the workers seem to be striking because they want to keep retirement before the age of 62. On the other hand is this another case of french bureaucracy gone mad? What about travelling on French railways or buses trams etc. Is a French Senior citizens railcard or similar the only way of getting reduced rates for elderly people?

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Ask at your Marie , as you are in France it is their documentation that is needed . Also are you a French tax payer , that may be a consideration also .

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I don't think a French senior citizens card would be valid in UK .

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No, a Carte Sénior isn't valid outside of France. I tried for a reduction on the English side of the Channel when I took Eurostar, but it stops at Calais... I checked on the SNCF site and any one can buy a Carte Sénior (about 50€ and lasting a year) upon presentation of ID, justification of domicile (EdF bill) and a photo - it pays for itself after a couple of train journeys...

Apparently the OP hasn't got a Carte de Séjour, and since EdF bills or Avis d'Imposition don't show a photo and a British Passport doesn't give a French address, it's doubtful that anything State or Municipal will give a reduction.
As suggested, ask at your Mairie.

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Thanks for your suggestions.

I just want an official french document to prove that I am over 65 (even if they don't believe me! ) I pay Taxe D'habition, Taxe fonciere and am fully paid up with the french income tax dept.

I will go to my Mairie and see what they can produce for me to get into swimming pools, transport systems and tourist attractions etc at a reduced rate. (I wouldn't count on it though!)

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In answer to the original posting EASY -just show them driving licence or passport address is not relevant. In some communes a discount may be provided to those resident in the commune to use facilities to stop those from other communes (French or any nationality) on the ground that local residents have paid toward the facility. In this case some proof of address as well as age is needed.

On the railways you just ask for a retired ticket and thy will sell it to you without question -but highlight that it may be up to you to prove you are eligible on the train.

As an EU citizen you are entitled to the same treatment as any locals.

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You can indeed buy a ticket at reduced price, but the Contrôleur on the train will want to see your Carte Sénior to justify the reduction. If you haven't got a Carte or you left it at home, then you pay the fine (like the French have to!).
Just to clarify, your address is printed on the Carte, which is why the ticket office agent who sells it to you needs to see justification of domicile.
Hope this helps, on the SNCF front at least!

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Yes you will need a card for bus and train , go to your bus station and train station and get the info . I have a card for the bus and train , I needed a recent photo , proof of habitation , age etc . different communes may have different rules for the bus but the train is the same everywhere . You'd have to use the train a lot though to get the 50€ worth the ticket costs . Don't know if your OAP card can be transferred to the French system .

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If you have one your French Driving Licence might do.

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