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HiI am looking at moving to Limoux with a 7 and 9 year old and would appreciate any information, good or bad, of the elementary schools in the town.Thanks

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we used to live near Limoux, and pretty much all the schools for that age group had good reputations. However, there is also a private school called Saint Germain who some friends send their english 8 yr old daughter to. apparently they give her extra lessons in french to try and help her adapt quicker and its really working. its about 100 euro per term. however, if not the children are kind of dumped in at the deep end if they arent french speaking. i dont think this is sometimes a bad idea, it depends on the child i think. good luck x

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we are moving to the Limoux area and wondered how we find out more info regarding saint germain private school for our 9 year old daughter to attend


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If you go to this page on the Education website and put in Limoux it will bring up all the schools and you can contact them via email through this site or direct.


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thank you, first time on here.....very prompt reply!

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are there any reviews for st germaine school or recommended primary schools in the area please? We are thinking of buying in Alaigne (13km from limoux) any advice most welcome please


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Hi Sarah

I have 2 girls at saint germaine school in limoux ,its a very good school ,they give extra tuition outside of the classroom for english speaking children and .have lots of experience teaching foreign nationals i would definately recomend it.

i would be more than happy to meet you next time you are here and tell you more about the school and the area.


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Karen's right about St Germaine.  We have our 8 year old daughter there and as well as extra help from the teacher they have a special ed teacher who works with the kids.  Great little school.


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thank you for response. I am trying to email the school, however both email address are returned as undeliverable

Do you have an address for them please

thx and looking forward to viewing the school this month


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I have tried to contact Saint Germaine school in Limoux to find out if they would ave space for my daughter later this year but still not heard back from them....any suggestions? we are planning on visiting this moth and would also like to look at the school

any advice most welcome, sarah

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Hi, the usual way to approach getting your children into school in france is via the local Marie's office.  If you can't get a response from the school it may be that they only have staff in the office at the beginning and end of the day, so maybe email them if you can't get a response. It is a Catholic school so be aware that they will be using some of their educational time up with RE. This can make their day longer than the usual schools hours.

I went directly to the local Marie's office near where I wanted to live and saw what the local school was like later that week. Most of the area is so used to English people now they have a special teacher who helps out either at lunchtime or two extra lessons a week when the children are learning english!

You don't get a choice of school, you get posted there, but so do the teachers, good and bad. The upside is education is fairly standard wherever you go. Don't be put off going to a local school. children adapt pretty quickly and they will be near the many friends they will quickly make!

Good luck with it all! We move in four weeks to just outside Quillan, four kids who cant wait to go to their new school. Their teacher looks like Angelina Jollie!!!!!!!!!

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Hi there, I saw your post and wondered if you have moved to limoux and got your children in saint germain school? I would be grateful if you would let me know what you think of the school.


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Hello Karen

We should be finally in our French house this summer , and I have arranged for my daughter to start at St Germaine, I just wondered if you would be around in the hols for me to meet up and maybe give me some advice on the school and any summer clubs etc in the area?

thx and look forward to hearing from you again

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hello, we have finally sold our uk house and hope to be in aude within the next month. we visited st germaine in April and hope to start our daughter there in september, just wondered if you were local to limoux if we couldmeet up during the holidays?

thx and regards, sarah

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please try st germain its superb , my daughter has been there a year and loves it 

i am sure your kids will too ,   all the best 

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thx for posting a reply, how old is your daughter? My daughter will be going in to cm2.

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I see that this thread is quite old- hope someone will still reply...

We will arrive in France in about three weeks time and we would hugely appreciate advice regarding schools in the Aude/Carcassone/Narbonne/Limoux etc region, as well, if possible, about schools in the Dordogne(near Montcaret).

We have two sons aged 9 and 11 and are looking for a primary school (and I guess a Lycee for the 11year old?) with experience in intergrating anglophone children. None of us speak French yet!!!

The StGermaine school mentioned in earlier posts sounds very good- but what about schools for older children in the area? 

Can anyone recommend other schools or advise us on how to best find a good one?

Any help would be VERY much appreciated.





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Well, it's pot luck as far as most schools go.  We have been here 2 years and found out the hard way.

My grandkids (now 9 & 6) were in 2 lovely local schools.   At first it was a hassle to get the older one to go, even though she had immediately bonded with the kids and became a 'mascot' to be carried around and pampered like a puppy.  Having had a big battle to learn French, with the help of the kids, extra tutoring by the teachers and free lessons provided by a former teacher, they learned to speak fluently in about 5 months and learned to love school and couldn't wait to go back after holidays.

Then the older one's teacher changed to a miserable, bullying s o b who belittled, yelled, slapped and generally acted like a throwback from the 1800s.  Granddaughter reversed to crying and nightmares.  Not acceptable.  Parents had meetings, complained, yet couldn't get rid of him!

Sod that, we pulled both kids from their schools and had them attend a bigger school 2 mins further away than the older one's previous school.  About a dozen people did the same thing and now everybody's happy and eager to go school again.

Moral of the story:  Be vigilant.  If the kids start acting up, it may be school...

Also, in our village, the kids going to the catholic school aren't allowed to associate with us heathens - and our kids will have nothing to do with some of them anyway, calling them "the swearing kids" due to their hellish behaviour.  It has to be bad for a 6 year old to consider them 'bad company'.  

Meanwhile, good luck to all and should you need more specific info on certain schools, just write.



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