Exchange visit for 12-year old girl

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We are a British family and will be in St Cyprien for the whole summer and would like to meet french girls of same age as our daughter with view to organising exchange visits in the future. I am a qualified teacher of English as a foreign language and fairly fluent in French also. Please email me if you know anyone who may be interested who lives in the St Cyp area.

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seagoon-494454 1279401394

Try posting on www.anglophone forum , seems more postings on there from folk ( Brits though not French ) who live in the PO area ? Have you tried posting on a French site ?

caroflos 1279452882

thanks for the suggestions. do you know of any french sites which would be appropriate? thankyou

seagoon-494454 1279479510

After I wrote about the French sites I wondered if there are any , I'm sure there are but don't know any , sorry .

seagoon-494454 1279481112

Perhaps go to the Marie / Tourisme office and find out what societies / clubs there may be in St. Cyp for your daughter to join , bound to be summer clubs there .

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