Family with young children in Sauve, France for a year

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We are a Canadian family with two young kids (6boy &8girl) spending a year sabbatical in Sauve, France (30 mins NW of Nimes/50km N or Montpellier) - neither my husband nor I are working, so we are homeschooling the kids in order to leave more flexibility for travel. After 3 weeks in the region, we have not met any other kids for potential play dates... looking into local activities, but any suggestions would be welcome! Kids are more comfortable in English, but they are in French Immersion back home and need to practice their French as well!

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Sheryl-880488 1411997926

Hi. We live close to you and have met a  number of Canadian  families who have lived in the area for their sabbatical. We have 2 older children  and 1 younger child than you but would be happy to connect . This page says not to leave email or phone numbers but not sure how we're supposed to contact each other then?! If you are interested and have any ideas on exchanging contact info , maybe you could leave another reply here?

MCoulombe 1412024673

Thanks for the message Sheryl - you can initially contact me via our "public" email address ( thanks for the message, it would be great to connect!

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