French kids coming back from abroad looking for English speakers to apply dates in and around Bezier

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Hi to all, we are a french family who moved in Beziers after a few years spent in Thailand. our 2 kids, Simon 8 and Romy 4, were attending an international school,where they spoke English, but here, they obviously go to a French school and we fear they might forget englisg

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Hello , We host French students in our home in Cathalo, 40 minutes from Beziers. We offer a total immersion , usually to teenagers. Obviously your children are much younger so am not sure how this would work...we could happily entertain them for an afternoon with educational games and play in English. . The charge would be 10 euros per hour. We will be in Cathalo from 24th March to 12th April and then from 2nd July until end of October.

Best wishes, Margaret

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Hello Maponka, I have just seen your post. I am an English tutor and also host students at home as well as weekly lessons. If you are still looking for help, let me know. Kind regards

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hey Maponka, i dont no if this is quite what you were looking for, but i have just moved to the area with my son who is 5 (almost 6), he has been living in the uk and is due to start a french school this year. he is very social so is keen to make some play dates asap, if you want to get the kids together and they can speak some english whilst playing let me know.


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Hello Baigie.  I'm looking for an English teacher to keep my kids English to a high level (twins aged 5).  They lived in France all their life.  I speak to them in English at home but they are bilingual since attending the village school for 2.5 years.  I live near San Pons des Thomieres.  Can you help with this and if so how might it work?  Thanks, Graham

Also, Megan - you're welcome to come over for an afternoon with your son if he wants to meet a couple of lively 5 year old English speaking kids!   I'm 10 mins from Riols, 34220. 

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