Good area for schooling, children's activities, young(ish) families?

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Appreciate this has most probably been asked before (and I have read the other conversations on here). We have lived in Normandy for 15yrs, and have 2 childfren who will be 5 and 6 in the summer, plus a baby due.  Ouyr children are bi-lingual so language is not an issue.  The children currently go to the small private school in our village, which has about 50 pupils in total. Looking for an area/town/village (considering Quillan/Limoux) that is lively all year round, has good facilities/activities for children and is near a medium/large town but not a city. Needs to be approx, 1hr mountain/1hr coast/1hr boarder to Spain. Any thoughts would be we are planning on visiting to area during the Feb holidays, so if anyone wanted to have a coffee/chat/play date that would be fab!    

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Hi -  just replied to you but on the end of the other discussion by mistake !!

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