International school in Perpignan 66 ?

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Hi, We are planning to move to Perpignan or close to Perpignan. My son will be in CP in september. He's 6 years old. Do you know any international school? Private or public? Is Spanish the first language that the french schools teach in 66? Thank you Regards, Aloha

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I believe that the nearest international school is the Toulouse airbus school, which our friend's son attends. There may be an international school in Montpellier, but I don't think there is anything here in Perpignan.

There are of course private catholic (french) schools, but these are of the government supported type. Some of our friends children attend these. The education authority for the Languedoc is in Montpellier.

Languages taught in the Languedoc are English, French, German and Catalan (of course).

Our son who is 9 does English, our oldest daughter who is 11 does Spanish. When she goes up to College next year the choices were of 6 hours of foreign languages 3+3 of German and Spanish, or 4 hours of Spanish + 2 of Catalan. The languedoc also offers Russian, but not in our schools.



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Thank you Martin,

That helps !

I have been trying to call the 'inspection academic of Perpignan' last week

and I was not succesfull; oh well...

thanx again!

best regards;


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There's a good International school in Perpignan but to be honest, I think you'd be better off putting your kids in with the french schools - it would be better for long term integration and for learning french.
My eldest has just started maternelle and it's excellent - she speaks french perfectly now and we are very happy with th staff/ activities etc.
Where in Perpignan are you hoping to locate to .. some schools are better than others as is the case everywhere ...

best of luck

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Sorry, french is the first language.

There are a few catalan schools but France is the spoken language in the area

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Thank you.

I read about an international school in Perpignan, but only for the youngest - pre school-

I even called them up , in order to find out where the kids go after their courses.

My son is 6 .

We do not know where yet in Perpignan we'll live, my husband will be in the technosud area, (by the freeway)



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This is the link to the catholic educational dicese site in Perpignan and Roussillon. These I think are all the fee paying catholic schools mentioned. but waiting lists can be long. However, if you call them up, they may have places in particular schools for your 6 yr old.

Current fees for all (I think) these schools are 42 euros p/month + lunches. The main advantage with these schools, which are run by the church, but funded by the government is that the teachers don't go on strike.

We have friends with children at Maintenon (which I have been told has the highest moyen at College level (11 to 16), but I think the best sports facilities (which the others use) are at Institution St Louis de Gonzague.

I agree with rgb, that many of the local schools are good. We have been happy with the all round support from the Ecole Primaire in Thuir "Jules Ferry", but be prepared the playground in France is like Lord of the Flies.

At six I would go for a local school. The all round package at age 9 and under works well for foreign children. For children coming at closer to college age, it can be tough and hell for teenagers who don't have the language. Our daughter is eleven and seemed to thrive at first, but she has missed out because of teacher absenteeism. Also, the intensity of preparing for college next year for classmates has seen her pushed out, because of her lack of language skills as opposed to being stretched. We have been thinking about Maintenon for this reason.

Like rgb out 3 yr old adores and is adored at her ecole maternelle.

Our 9 year old boy struggled at first but is flying now and with two years to go at Jules Ferry we feel confident he will be fully integrated in terms of languages and other skills, when college time comes.

Two things that would now put our children way ahead of their classmates in the UK is handwriting and maths. They attended a top state primary school in "Rowledege"in Hants (look at the Times league tables). Yet Ella is probably about 2 years ahead of her old peers in maths and Milo the same. They both now have joined up handwriting that would put most English adults to shame.

You'll love it here good luck.


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Our children were 8 and 10 when we arrived in France.(18 years ago when no one else in the area spoke a word of English). They went to the local primary school (where they settled very quickly without any major traumas). They then went on to college, then lycée and on to further education. One now has a PhD and the other has a professional qualification (Bac Plus 5 in French jargon which means that after his Baccalaureat he did 5 years of studies). he also has a very good job. Both of them are completely bilingual which has been a big plus in job finding terms. They are completely settled in France and consider themselves French in all but passport, and I doubt that either of them would ever go back to England. One of them has had a wonderful career so far with several trips abroad and a grant to study in paris. Their friends are, without exception French and one of them is about to marry a Frenchman.

If you are coming to live in France on a permanant or even semi-permanant basis, I can't see the interest in sending your children to an English School. I would consider it to be very shortsighted on your part. They need to make friends and there are still, despite the influx of English people to the area, more French kids here than English. (statement of the obvious). It only took our kids a term to integrate into the local kids society and become part of the gang.

The French kids are, in our experience at least, culturally little different to English kids. On the other hand, they are generally better brought up, more polite and generally nicer people to know than their English contemporaries ( We had gites for many years so I know what I'm talking about here). It would be a shame to isolate your children from the kids in their local community by sending them to an English speaking school. They would never be fully integrated into their local society. They are young now but if you decide to stay in france, one day they will be adults. What a pity if they can't communicate with the other young people in their area.

If you go back to England after a year or two, as many do, at least the experience will have been a postitive one. They'll settle quickly back into the English way of life.

Sorry if this is a little blunt but I feel very strongly that, if you are going to live in a foreign community, you should make all effort to integrate, and that includes every member of the family. I promise that you won't regret it. We haven't!

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Thank you Martin and Griselda for sharing your thoughts,

ideas, help and infos regarding the system in Perpignan and over all.

Best regards,


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I second previous poster and would go with the local schools.

Firsly you really need to decide where you are going to live though as you will only be allowed to go to "public" schools close to where you live.

If you are living near the technosud area , I would recommend Cabestany. It is a suburb of Perpignan really with a pop of about 12,000. Very nice schools and lovely neighbourhood with good facilities.

Elne is a smaller town South of Perpignan ( 14kms) and would be a nice place to locate to as well.

How far from techoud do you want to be? Are you thinking of buying or renting?

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Just interested to know if you found an international school in the Perpignan area?

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