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After years of sruggling with the French school system my youngest son, who is dyslexic, has just started going to an International school in Montpellier. The school is very small and run rather like a big family. They are happy to accept children who have learning difficulties and the fees are much lower than those of many other International schools. If anyone is interested in receiving more details please contact me. We live between Perpignan and Narbonne and the only problem that we now have is that the daily journey to school is going to be expensive. Therefore if anyone else is interested in their child going to this school from our area please contact me to discuss car-sharing.

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Dear Anne

We met you through your brother, a short time ago while looking for a house to buy in the area and now by complete coincidence while looking for some schooling advice on the Anglo Info pages I have seen your blogg re the school in Montpellier.

We actually bought the house we liked in Roquefort and hope to move in during April!

However we have now decided to have one of our grandaughters to come and live with us there and she is 14 years old so I need to find a school for her pretty quickly!

She has already lived in France for a year so she has a lot of French, but we really want to find a school where she can board in the week and come home at weekends.

The school your son goes to in Montpelleir sounds interesting!

If you can offer any suggestions I would be most grateful.

Unfortunately I have lost your phone number, so if you let me have it I will give you a call.

My email is

Kind regards

Barry Crofford

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The school that my son goes to is Eridan in Montpellier. We have been impressed with the school so far but they do not have any boarding facilities. Feel free to call me on +33 673 060 016 1322841239


My family and I moved to Marseillan in August , although we will be moving again this August to Nantes . We have a 14 year old daughter, now in college

we decided to let her repeat the year, but unfortunately she was attacked coming home from school with girls and boys throwing rocks at her

calling her the American. Although the teachers were very supportive this has affected her confidence There are no other collages in

Marseillan. We are now conceding Catholic or Private school. We would be very interested in your school and any other information you by have.

You may also call me 04 67 98 65 19



Myra Herman

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A friend of my stepdaughter lives in Roquefort and he is a boarder at the Jules Fil school in Carcassonne. Several children from Roquefort are at that Lycée but maybe your grand-daughter is too young for Lycée.

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Hi I am looking for a school for my dyslexic boy he is 13 and struggling.  Fees would be difficult as I have 6 kids and not a large income.  I am in Murviel les beziers

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I would just like to say that it is very simple to home school in france should you need to, sometimes when children are struggling time out of the system is a big help.  I home schooled my boys all their lives so far and the oldest is now studying a degree with the Open University at 14 years old....I know it is a big commitment but so is driving for hours or boarding kids at schools where they may be bullied so I thought I would share.  It is legal and really lovely to home ed your children.  Best of luck everyone.

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For Jeannemeason -   have you applied for a bourse -    ask the school secretary as benefits wont always be offered you have to ask what is available.    Also for school transport -  dont presume because the school bus does not cover your immediate area you cant qualify -   we chose a different school than our designated one and had to take our son to the nearest school bus pick up point.  For the larger cities it can just be public transport but you will still get financial help at the end of the school year for it as all school transport is government aided   

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From my experiences of home schooling it is to beavoided at all costs. There is more to a child's education than a curriculum. 

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My son went to - and was very happy at - a private collège in Limoux that takes children as boarders from all over the region - buses arrive monday em from Montpellier, Perpignan etc and take them back Friday pm. There were a number of non-french kids there and they seemed to do fine.

Although 'private', the fees are not onorous and the Catholic part only comes in if your child is already Catholic. They do have dyslexia help too. You can find it here:

Home schooling is big in this area - there is an organisation to support you if you choose that route: LEDA -

....and you can always follow the French Official curriculum by correspondance - the CNED:

I do hope you find a solution for your child.


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for Jeannemeason again -   for dyslexic children -   my son was diagnosed at age 6/7  by the local village school -   we arrived when he was 5 -    he was referred to an orthophoniste in Chalabre.  From there she referred him to Foix hospital for a full Bilan Pluridisciplinaire -  which is a full examination of all aspects -  reading writing - everything to motor skills.   He was tested in detail over several visits.  We were sent a certificate from the academy of Montpellier declaring my son as 'handicapped' -  not to be offended by I must add -  this now allows my son extra one to one tuition -  extra time for his schoolwork -  extra help - and he presents the certificate before any exams which then the school provides a seperate room for the exam and a tutor to assist -   the tutor for his Brevet  explained every question and listened to him verbally giving the answer.    He then assisted my son writing the answers.  He was allowed extra time for each exam and happily passed.   He now at lycée and they are very active helping students with learning difficulties.   All this was only possible because of the Bilan Pluridisciplinaire.    

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We'd be very interested in talking to you about this, as we're looking to home school ours and wouldn't mind picking your mind on some fronts.  Would it be possible to be able to ask for an email address, or contact details?  We're moving to Carcassonne area in Sept/Oct this year with 4, 9 and 12 year olds.


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Also, as an aside, what are the fees for the private 'catholic' schools?  We looked at international schools in Toulouse and were faced with fees ranging from €11-15k a year.  

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Hi catinthehat

Fees for the school in Limoux were around 1500 to 2000 € per annum including lunches as a non-boarder. There are grants available (although not large).

Otherwise, as Tasker says, help is available for dyslexia, although I think you do have to be patient as the system grinds slowly, so that your child could well thrive in a normal public school environment.

The only reason we went with private as opposed to the local collège was to get my son away from a few kids where he was being teased badly - just short of bullying - in the final year and it was the easiest option at the time as for various unrelated reasons he was emotionally fragile. We had no objection to the school otherwise.

Not sure who exactly you were hoping to get in touch with....


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Ah of course - the OP!


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Thanks Katie,

Your reply was very good, thanks.  I just wanted to know how much we'd expect to pay for our kids and €4.5-€6k a year is a lot better than I thought it would be, so we'll be on the phone to them on arrival I woul have thought!

Thanks again

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Cool! Just to say though, that was about 2k€ per YEAR - not per term!


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Good morning - we are a family of 5 hoping to move out to France in the next 2 years and are wanting to find out information about schools, communities, social, houses for sale and lots more. 

I have 3 boys 2 of which I am interested in sending to an international school and wondered if you could send me some more information and possibly a link to Montpellier International School.

It would be great to have a contact in France we plan to come back next spring to look at the area and property's and meet some of the locals.

kind regards

Becki Green

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