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Hello... my family and I have been living in Ales since the beginning of the year. My partner had a work transfer here from Paris.  I have a 4 month old baby and I am eager to meet other mums and have a cup of tea and chat. I am feeling so alone in this town.  I am happy to travel to other towns.   Rachel Davies 

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tonyharris5 1404493842

Hi Rachel,

My wife and I moved to a village 15 km north of Ales in October last year, and would be more than happy to meet up.

We don't have a young family though,  having between us 2 girls and a boy who have long since flown the nest.

Let us know if you fancy meeting up, and we can arrange a date and time.

Tony and Jane

rachel D-957036 1406822332

Hello Tony and Jane


I am so sorry I have only just seen this post you sent me.


Wow you are close, I would love to meet up. 

This is my personal email you can contact me here then I can send you my phone number if you like.

Thank you so much for replying again.



M McDaid 1407153277

Hi Rachel,

I am fluent in English as I lived in England for 30 years and was an english teacher previously. I live North of Alès (about 15 km) and moved there only 4 years ago. I haven't got any young children though but would be happy to meet up.


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