Living in Uzes with a two year old

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I am looking for an other mum in Uzes or nearby for my two-year-old to play with another child. Moira, my two year old, goes to the Pitchounets crèche here in Uzès, but it is difficult to make friends with other parents and meet outside of kindergarden... So I was wondering whether there is someone else in the area that needs to kill a few hours here and there with their child.Alessandra

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wendywj 1275401351

Not that close to Uzes but I go here:

kukina-493334 1275639766

thank you very much for the tip, grrr... shame, but it does take me an hour to get there!! what a shame... would love something like that...

ginger21 1275650735

Make a day of it, lots to do in Montpellier , then come to Pig in the afternoon. It is worth it , even if you come only once a month.
Pig breaks up at the end of June and starts up again in September, although lots of informal meetings in between.

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