Looking for a French Aupair

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Hello, has anyone used a local aupair or aupair service/agency that they can recommend? We're hoping to find a native french speaker to live in but everywhere i try i only get non-french nationals applying. Any advice welcome! Thanks, Jo

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wendywj 1267041147

Have you seen the magicmaman.com site? I would try the forums there

jo_e_ellis 1267109775

thanks for that. I had a good read; ended up connecting through to a great site, www.bebe-nounou.fr which is full of ads if anyone else is interested.


jo_e_ellis 1268164179

After two amazingly difficult weeks of trying to track down potential aupairs I would like to let anyone in the same position to email me and I can save you a lot of time and hours of internet research! Still haven't got one but at least I've found some web sites where people actually reply.....

wendywj 1268164838

yes please let me know.


emmopv 1270507735

Hello i know you are looking for an aupair but i just thought if you had any friends who were looking for babysitters in the carcassonne area that i am looking for work, i am a 17 year old female, native english speaker and practically fluent in french. hope to hear from you soon.

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