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Hello! We are a french couple with a baby who are interrested about find couple english people to make friend. I am looking into meet  mother & baby/ toddler group around Béziers/ Montpellier area.It would be very helpful to know if there are parents/ nannies out there interested.thanks

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Annika-D-972531 1600789385

Hi there Marion ! 

My husband is French and I am English; and we have a young baby, living in Béziers. Were you able to find a group for mothers or baby/toddler groups? I would also be interested. Whereabouts do you live?

All the best,


Marion-Cauquil-968785 1600805008

Hi Annika

Unfortunately  I didn't find other couples for the group.

But we can start one :)

I've got some friends with baby who are interested to meet people with kids.

We are living in Cers, what about you?

I leave you my email address:


Hope to chat soon .

Patrick-COLLINS-923490 1602803573

My name is Patrick and my fiancee is called Grace. She works as a nanny and she will be looking for work sometime in the New Year. We are based near St Pons de T. But Cers is a long way from us.

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