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Hi, We are new to France.  We live in Paraza a small village 20 minutes outside Narbonne.  We have 4 boys 2/5/7/9 and would love to meet up with expat families or french families who are interested to do language exchange for kids.  Pls feel free do any advice to us or send a PM.  So far loving it here.  Cheers.

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hi each month the british legion have a book exchange in olonzac and leginan where there are lots of english and familys  for more information visit

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We live in Ginestas --  retired but have friends with young children. We are away until Sunday so give us a ring and you can pop over for a drink. 0468456640


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Hi Scouser, thnx for the info! 

Hi winelover2, will give u a call. thanks!

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Hi Fontaine from the Fountains of Pouzols!  I know I am responding to an old post but couldn't resist saying hello. We have had a house in Pouzols for ten years and spent about 8 weeks a year here. We have 3 kids, girls aged 6 and 9 and a 6-year-old boy. Looking to broaden our local connections with a view to spending more time in France. We would be pleased to meet up.  Best wishes, the Fountains. 07957 424976



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