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could anyone give me their experiences on the Quarante school? particularly how an english children could adjust there?   thanks in anticipation :)

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AuntyJanJan 1402915170


My knowledge is not first hand as my daughter goes to Capestang college which has not been as helpful to us as Quarante has been to friends with an 11 year old.  Their daughter gets 3 hours extra help a week, our daughter got one for a few weeks then the teacher went off sick and no one replaced her so no help at all. 

I hope this helps.  I know there are a few non French speakers at Quarante where as Laura and one other girl (Spanish) at Capestang.



christianb 1402926426

thank you Jan,that does help a great deal. I did get a very favourable impression from speaking to the principal who has a very can-do approach. but of course, the parents and childrens' experience counts the most


my daughter will go to the quarantieme grade there. I suppose we will only know how it works out once we are there. a very daunting experience indeed! It also sounds like its very individualistic. A lot seems to depend on the child, her attitude towards this new challenge and also depends on the school's approach. I'm glad your daughter is adjusting, albeit slowly.


thanks for your input.



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