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Hi, We are looking for recommendations of small, friendly schools (for CM2) in the area bordered by Carcassonne, Quillan and Mirepoix, Castelnaudary. What small towns or villages (with minimum of boulangerie and cafe) do people recommend? Jennifer

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grandkids (10-7) go to the school in Villasavary.   it's about 10 mins from castelnaudary and they love it.  in fact, they look fw to going to school - which i personally find abnormal.  :)


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You will find that most of the larger villages have primary schools and the smaller ones too sometimes. By and large the standard is pretty high and we have only good things to say about the school in Espéraza. THere is also a great wee school in Fa and another in Festes or Brougairolles I think.

Is there some reason for the enquiry? are you kids in a school they are unhappy with or do you just fancy moving? You might be better off looking at secondary schools - colleges - and chosing a village on the public transport route as driving too and fro can become a real burden and primary kids grow fast!



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Hi there

My two daughters go to Albert Calmette in Quillan. My youngest is in CE1 and my eldest is resitting CM2. The school is not too large and friendly and I feel the teachers have been very helpful and really keen to do everything needed to advance there French education. Please contact me if you would like more info.


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