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Hello, we will be moving to the limoux area soon and wondered if there are any local summer clubs/activities for children in the area. Our daughter will be attending St Germaine school in September and just wanted to try and familiarise her with the area/friends etc during the holidays any advice most welcome please. we are aslo looking for a gymnastic club as she competes in the uk many thx

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Hi Sarah,

I can't speak from personal experience as I have a boy who was never into gym! but the club here as i understand it is very competitive, so that might suit your daughter. Try this link:

Most associations and clubs close for the Summer (check their site for the gym activities) but there are swimming clubs in most of the pools - Limoux, Alet, Quillan - but you may be better off just hanging out there - there are bound to be local kids her age she will click with.

Hope you settle in well.


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hello Kate

Thx so much for taking the time to reply and the details for the gym

kind regards

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