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Hi, did anyone see the article in Tuesdays Daily Mail about the growing number of women being left in France by partners who are not able to cope and do not know where to go for help and advice? Since then all sorts of exciting things have happened and the lady who featured mainly in the story has been approached to offer help and support to Women Alone In France hence the name of her group. There are a lot of things she can help with including legal advice from a Notaire, Avocat, Insurance man, Doctor and financial advisor. There will be more press coverage as things progress and there are people able to offer some work opportunities and support women in a variety of practical ways. This is not a " tea and a chat" group these are real issues for real people and she aims to help sort out the problems women cannot perhaps find answers to easily. The group will help women all over France and there will be a confidential line for private discussion and a private email address. Please spread the word, maybe you know a woman struggling alone or are indeed yourself having a tough time. For more information please email me and I will put you in touch. Help offered always appreciated so if you have a skill to offer get in touch too (men alone can also get help.)

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Hi again,

Thank you for your words of support, it would seem this group
is well needed all over France and I suspect in other countries.

I wrote following an article which was meant to inform and educate. It
was written to highlight the plight principally of women left
alone in France to cope and who may not have experience of dealing with
French systems or be able to manage whilst some men think it is clearly
acceptable to simply walk away from their responsibilities.

I write today to inform anyone who is affected by this issue and may
need help, or who can help WAIFS 2010 that there is now a blog on
wordpress.com WAIFS2010. Shortly more details of contacts a fact sheet
etc will be on it. I would like to thank the many people who have so
far taken the trouble to contact me and offer support or who have
needed help and the WAIFS website will be launched in the very near

All this is down to one woman's determination to help others in a
similar position or worse than herself and noone should decry
Maria-Louise for
helping strangers when clearly the partners they loved have died or
some in
fact have behaved despicably. I personally believe it is better
to help and understand there are men also at risk and who need
information. As I wrote previously if anyone can offer help or needs
it WAIFS 2010
is there for you and is a serious attempt to help anyone who needs it.

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I can offer help and guidance having lived and worked in France for over 40 years and gone through divorce myself. Please give me a direct e-mail so I can give more information.

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Thank you so much for your support Amazon addict and the many others who have emailed us. I am pleased to
report things are now going very well for WAIFS 2010 and all the emails received and answered each day by the team.

Having had a long weekend break to contend with the team got down to coordinating the women with the most pressing
problems and they have now been dealt with. Meetings this week have taken place and our Avocat
Maitre Camus is preparing a lot of really useful, clear information for everyone who is interested. Dr B has already
put some items on the site and as you will see there have been lots of words of support like
yours which is most gratefully received.

A meeting with the Consiel General was very interesting and now the details given to us are being prepared for the
site and the lady who we deal with said in fact nothing like this has ever been done and she is
delighted as she for one cannot speak English and does not herself know all the things that are available throughout
France only what she can offer in her offices jurisdiction and dept. She was genuinely
thrilled that someone was getting things done and is determined to keep us feed when things change or new things are
on offer. The new email address to contact the team is waifs2010@gmail.com if you are affected by issues raised
by WAIFS 2010

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May I please make it clear that anyone wishing to contact WAIFS 2010 can do so by email waifs2010@gmail.com

The site is available to all on www.wordpress.com WAIFS 2010 and anyone
else contacting you, offering advice or asking for money etc is acting
entirely alone and is not part of our group and should be avoided for
obvious reasons.

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