Would like to meet other kids in Quillan

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We are an English family whio have just moved to Quillan. We have 2 daughters aged 5 and 9 and we would like to meet other children in the area, my girls are missing their friends back in England. We'd love to hear from anyone who is in, or has been in, a similar situation. Thanks

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We have just arrived a week ago in cruzy. Iv got a little boy, 22 months old, so probably not that exciting to play with for your girls. However we are in the same position, so if you want to meet up or have any suggestions that be great.


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I've just Cruzy and it's a long way from us, just short of 2hrs . We did meet another family on this site, so it does work! We also found an English library in our area which has been helpful. As my girls are school age, they are meeting pople at school now but I wouldn suggest adding a post looking for people closer to you and perhaps asking if there are any mum and tots groups - you might be surprised! 


Good luck


emkohnke 1379881624

Thank you Sally! I'll continue looking, only been here 5 days so very exciting. Iv been told to go to the maire so going to try that next week.

Hope you are enjoying france =)



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we are in limoux and our daughteraged 9  loves to meet new friends , we have arrived in france 8 weeks ago please contact us if we can help 

thanks   c flynn 

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hello--i have an 8 year old daughter and 11 year old son ,we move to nebias near qiullan in october 2014   ie this year--so hopefully we  will meet--grace alex zosia    ps how did your children find the local qiullan junior school? how long di dthey take to learn much?

sallylouisecollinson 1403721974

Hello, How exciting! Are you busy getting ready for the big move?

We have been here a year now and we love it, and we're always on the look out for new playmates.

My two daughters go to school in Quillan. The youngest has been going to the Maternelle and has slotted in perfectly. She will be 6 in a couple of weeks and has taken to French life, school, friends and the language like a duck to water. Georgia is leaving the maternelle this year to go the Primaire in Quillan which her older sister Amelia goes to. Amelia was 9 when she started at school last September and she has struggled over the last year, making friends and learning the language, but now, 9 mths in, she is starting to settle down and whilst she is not completely fluent her French is very very good and her vocabulary is vast. In fact, she just got her school report for the year and it is excellent. Amelia will be going into CM2 in Sept, which is a shared class with CM1 and she will carry on taking some lessons at the CM1 level to give her chance to catch up with the language. However, they both speak fantastic French and in another few months I'm hoping they will be fluent. 

Which school will your children be attending? Is your son going straight to College? My girls are at Albert Calmette. It could be that your daughter and my eldest could be in the same class.

If you need any help, just give me a shout, I'd be happy to help as it is very daunting!

Good luck and hope to hear from you.


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Hi Sally,

We have just bought a house in Axat, initially we plan to use it as a holiday home but with a view to making the permanent move in a couple of years time. We have a 9 year old, Ellie, who is not very keen on the idea at all! I wonder whether if she had some friends over there already she woud feel better about it??

We are due to come over for 2 and a half weeks in august and plan to come as many of our school holidays as we can thereafter... maybe we could meet up if you are all around over the summer.


sallylouisecollinson 1403852780

Hi Claire

Brilliant idea, we're around all summer and we'd love to meet up. Perhaps at Axat pool one day? 

My email is sallylouisecollinson@gmail.com

Good luck


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