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We are looking at doing a move to the area around Nimes.I have a 10 & 14 year old daughters. The 10 year old , we can put into a french school but my 14 year old would not pick up the language as quick and therefore have quite a battle on her hands. Can anyone tell me if there are some schools in this area that have a good bilingial system or offer FEL class. We are very keen on the International School in Aix-en-Provence but it would mean she would have tp board which doubles the fee. Don't mind a 20-30 minute drive.Advise on schools for both the girls would be very much appreciated. Thanks

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Does anyone know whether there are any gymnastic, athletics or horseriding clubs around the Carcassone area. Making a move to the area in December/January and my daughter' wanted to continue her athletics/gym/horseriding as she is very keen to carry this on.Much obliged.

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Hi, We live in Escales, near Lezignan, and wondered if anybody knows of an English speaking chilminder who looks after children (or babysitting) in our area? We have a 13 month old daughter, who also needs to spend more time with other children ! Any info much appreciated, thanks Cornelia

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We are hoping to move to Lezignan in the next couple of months. Does anyone know what the schooling is like (CE2), we have an 8 year old daughter who is a little apprehensive and it would be nice to know if there are other English families who have experienced the schools there. We are hoping to send her to the local school and would like her to become bilingual so obviously she needs to also have French friends and she is looking forward to this. Lorna

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Hi we are moving to Rieux Minervois at the end of August. We have an 8 year old son who has lived in France all his life. I have looked on pages Juene and see there is an Ecole Primaire 22 av Georges Clemenceau 11160 RIEUX MINERVOIS. Does anyone have any experience of the school or any other schools in the vicinity. Please pm me with any information. Thanks Vanessa

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Hi, Can anyone lend me or sell me a car seat or booster seat for two children I have visiting over the period 13-17 June. Kids are 2 and 5 years. I am in Carcassonne but happy to collect/return from 30-40 km radius. Many thanks, Helena Tel 04 68 25 01 07 (but no access to answer phone so please don't leave a message) email: graeme.entwistle.home@googlemail.co.uk

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Hi, Does anyone know of a manade or any other activity to take two children 4 and 14 on thursday evening. Most attraction parks such as luna park at marseillan plage and euro park at vias plage dont open till june and july. I live in the Beziers area and would appreciate any suggestions. James

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Hi... as part of a "ward-off-prostate-cancer" treatment, I take a Brazil nut everyday. However, Noix d'Amazon are as rare as hens teeth in the supermarkets. Anyone know where I can get a reliable supply (internet or shop)? Peter

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Hello, we are moving to the area from England in July and I'm looking for a singing and piano tutor/teacher for my 8 year old so that she can continue her studies. Does anyone know a tutor who do home visits or is nearby Gabian? Also I am looking for a singing tutor for myself or a local choral group to join. Lorna

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Have recently moved to Marseillan with hubby and one year old daughter. Have looked for something similar to a Mums and Toddlers but without success to date. Does anyone know of any local playgroups to take toddlers and meet other parents?

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Our family is moving to Ceret, France from New York and we have a 16 year old aspiring artist, does anyone know about quality art courses, figure drawing & painting in the area?

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Anyone know of a good realistically priced campsite near the spanish border, Narbonne/perpignan for our hols in august

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Hi, we have just arrived in Carcassonne and are going through the process of enrolling our 4-year old into nursery - maternelle. Unfortunately, we did not do our homework before we came and have not brought with us his vaccination certificates. I am off to the Town Hall today and am hoping a doctor's certificate will suffice. Has anyone been through this process recently? If so, grateful for any tips. Also, does anyone know of any playgroups/activities in or around Carcassonne that we could join in - French or English? Our son is bored with Mum and Dad and is desperate to play with other children! Many thanks, Graeme & Helena H, G & M

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Hi, We're moving to a small village just outside Carcassonne late July. I have three boys aged 10, 5 and 3 (all boys). The eldest boy Leighton is due to start secondary school in September, so he will do this in France. Leighton also has special educational needs and has support from a SENCO here in England. Would anyone know if SEN's are recognised in France-if so are students supported like in the English education system. I have no qualms about the other two boys as they are much more outgoing and still at an age were they are adaptable to most situations. Also none of the boys speak French, howver we are teaching them the basics. Any advice, support or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Lyndsey Evans

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Does anyone have any experience of primary schools in or near Uzes? Thanks.

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Hello I live in Britanny area 22 and I have recieved CAF Evasion tickets for me and my family to use for a holiday does anyone know who takes these for us to holiday down in the Langudoc area we want to book asap because my hubby has just been told when he can take his vacances from work, we have July and August to choose from. Cheers XXX

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We are permanently living in france and we have been unsuccessfully trying for a baby now for 12 months and would like to know if there are any couples in a similar situation. We are going to need to be referred to a fertility specialist in the area and wanted to know if there are any private practices locally or will we be entitled to state help and be referred from our gp. We dont really want to return to the UK as we have heard that the childcare healthcare system in France is very good and we want to stay in France and hopefully have a family and life here. Any contacts on private practices would be a great help as not getting far on the internet. lucy

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I'm looking for a rural (basic) campsite on either of the above lakes for a family camping holiday this July. I am coming from the French Alps with my two girls and a friend and we are towing our mirror sailing dinghy with us. Both my girls are heavily into Swallows and Amazons and desperate for a place to camp and sail our boat. Anyone with any suggestions or indeed a field (!) please let me know. We are very responsible and green campers and use a canvas scout tent leaving no traces behind us. We don't like big public campsites and do like countryside and peace! We also need any info on where we can launch the dingy. Any advice/suggestions very gratefully received. Sarah

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onto matters more frivolous and carefree, could any of the ladies recommend a facial sun cream? My foundation already has some UVF factor, but I'd like to 'reinforce' it with a LIGHT sun cream that's non greasy. Any suggestions? Deirdra

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Hello to all, I have a small villa near le boulou and come over with my family every 4 - 6 weeks.we have had the villa for a couple of years and love the area. although we always seem to be in holiday mode we are now considdering making a full move over with our children. We as a family cant speak alot of French but do try at all times to get by by using as much French as possible with the odd bit of sign language. we get on with our neighbours quite well and the locals at the shops. im just a bit worried that the French may see us like the British see the pols , bugarians,and Romanian's in the UK. I'm not looking at taking French jobs if anything employing them if all went ok. can anyone advise me if im being to paranoid and if all is ok or have you found this the case. thankyou scott

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