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A new Montessori school opens in Castelnau Le Lez; visits on Nov.20th, 21st and 28th. Bilingual workshops and music classes....looks good! http://www.maisondesenfants.net/

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Hello, I'm living in Marseillan which is in the area of Agde, Meze, pezenas and I've been here since July this year. My 2 children are going to the local French school and trying hard to learn the language, they have made friends with local children and play out of school with them. but, it is quite clear that they miss having friends that speak English. I do think that it is important that my children have a balance of English and French friend around them, they are only 5 and 7 years old and as there mother I need to take this into consideration to make it a little easier for them to adapt to there new life. If you or anyone you know have recently moved into this area and fill the same as me, please contact me so we could meet up. Amanda dave

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Hi all... I'm aware of a women in the Agde - Marseillan area that sells and sorts out reading, ie: meeting sessions for anglophones. I've lost her number and was wondering if anybody knows of this lady? Thanks dave

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The International School of Toulouse has just recently launched a partnership with Arsenal Soccer Schools to provide football coaching opportunities for boys and girls aged 7-14 during the school holidays. The courses are delivered in English but are open to all children whether they are English, French, visiting relatives, on holiday, etc. At the moment, their activities are based in the Midi-Pyrenees area but I have received a few emails suggesting that there may be a demand in other areas. Therefore, if you are interested in Arsenal Football Club holding some coaching clinics near you then please let me know and I will see what can be done to arrange something for 2008.

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I will be moving to Montpellier in January, just have to find a place to live first. So does anyone have any advice on the nicest quartiers to live in Montpellier. I have a 2yr old and will have a 2 month old baby by then so obviously I would like n area which is child friendly, parks, schools, creches, activites blah blah.. Probably going to live in a flat, have a car but be nice to be near the tram. So please if you have any advice , please give, areas to avoid would be helpful too. Thank you gingernut

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Hello, We are in the process of buying a house between Minerve and St. Pons (at least, I think we are in that process - the first wave of paperwork is signed). We have an 8-year old daughter. We are looking for activities with kids her age during the summer (and possibly other periods of the year) for her. Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks.

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Don't forget..............Tuesday night. Le Rendez-vous Anglais is a regular meeting of friends. The meetings are free to attend (you just need to bring along the price of a pint). We are a lively, friendly bunch and don't bite. Come and join us for a drink and a chat, all are welcome. From 19h30 @ The Café du Siècle, 1 Rue Biron, 34190 Ganges Look forward to seeing you there. Wendy http://www.lerendezvousanglais.co.uk

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We went for a nice family walk in the forest and brought back quite a few mushrooms; our neighbours said we should go to a pharmacy to get advice on which are edible. Our pharmacy was unfortunatly not able to help at all! Do they really help usually?

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I have 2 children aged 7 and 11years. are there any good schools near le boulou ,les cluses thanksScott Scott

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Hi,Anyone interested in participating in group for moms, families, mainly to enjoy social activities, create a book club, organize play dates with kids, have get togethers for tea, chat, offer support to newcomers, exchange information, etc? All activities would be held in English and in Montpellier area.email me, thanks!Karen

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My husband and I are moving to Herault in October for a year or so and have two boys who will have to be enrolled in elementary and high school. I've read that parents were required to start the enrollment process for this year at least by last June. Does anyone know what must be done to enroll a child after the school year has already begun? Any information you can provide me will be much appreciated. Thanks! Vickie Hamilton

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A special thought for all the newcomers who brought kids to school this morning for the first time.... It was a lot of emotion for us and I wonder what the news will be tonight!

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We are originally a Finnish family, but since there are no Finnish communities in our present area (Dordogne) or in the Perpignan are, this seems to be a good forum to ask questions. We have made some friends here, most of them are British, and are now a bit worried about losing them while moving south. Are there any clubs for foreigners of something similar in Perpignan are? The French seem a bit difficult to make friends with, since my husband doesn't speak French. I'd like to hear about experiences about living in the area, schools, climate (is it really so windy?) etc. We should make up our minds quite soon, since the schools start in two weeks. Our kids are 6 and 8 years old. If there are people near Perpignan looking forward to expanding their social network, please feel free to contact us.

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We may be moving to St Genies near Magalas and our daughter needs to go to a college from September, preferably English speaking of Bilingual she will be sixteen in August 07, all advice and pointers greatly appreciated.Maria

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My little sister is getting married. As I've missed her last 3 birthdays, I will really be in trouble if I don't come up with a nice gift for her now! Can anyone suggest something unique that I might find in Montpellier? My mother suggested decorative bed linnen (apparently French people make much better bedding that English people) but I have no idea where to buy something like that. I'm not sure I want to get her sheets and pillow cases anyway but I can't think of anything else at the moment. Any thoughts or ideas will be very welcome. (",)

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I am at the idea stage but am posting seeking advice about the interest in provisions for a British section affiliated to a French primary school in the Aude region. Any comments, both positive or negative would be gratefully appreciated before I look into it further. Should the idea gain momentum, it would likely serve the English speaking community, so any nationality with a certain level of English- French, British, Austrailian, Dutch... I am aware of the 2 private British schools in Herault but am equally conscious that most families relocating are doing so with the hope of integrating their children into the french culture, language and education system. However, most people would ideally like their children to maintain a certain level of written and functional English on a par with the National curriculum and I am keen to gather feedback on this. Would an affiliated Primary school based on the British National Curriculum and the Literacy Programme say on a Wednesday morning/afternoon within a french establishment or both be of interest to families or is there simply not the demand or poulation necessary for such a project. If there is, in what areas? Or is there simply not the populqtion to warrant it? Is this something thqt your French neighbours would be interested in? I am an English Primary school teacher and have worked in English, French and International schools with links to Aude. I would be grateful for any constructive feedback.

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Hi everyone,planning to be in Pezenas area for good from next september, we are now starting to worry about school...Our kids are 7 and 4 and we are looking at the French public school system although they don't speak a word of French yet...can anyone reassure us about public schools in general and integration in particular?Thanks in advance.

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Goodmorning,anyone know if the latest Harry Potter film (release date 13 July) will be showing in Perpignan (or elsewhere in the Languedoc) in english?Cheers,Biker Girl

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I am trying to get some social events running for French Scene in the Gard and Herault and would like to organise an informal family picnic day, probably on a Sunday. In terms of the venue it should be somewhere free, with a large, safe outside space where we can picnic and kids of all ages can play, kick a ball around etc. in a fairly central location so as many people as possible can come along. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be very grateful! Thanks

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HiDoes anyone know of any primary schools for our son aged 7 somewhere around Perpignan. Are there are any schools that have any sort of English curriculum?As far as I can see there are no International schools in the Perpignan area so we are looking for a school where his immediate lack of French won't be too much of a problem. We are looking at moving to the area from 2008 and need to figure where we are going to live to some degree around the schools. Many thanksPaul

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