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Hi Julia here. Last time I wrote, we had planned to move to Carcassonne. We have now changed that to the Perpignan Belt (Thuir, Rivesaltes). Anyone with any information about local schools (for 11 and 13 year olds), good, bad, getting in, contacting anyone in a school who can speak English, any advice at all would be appreciated! Public and private. Thanks.Julia

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Don't let your Mom kill you! It's Mothers day in the UK next Sunday 18th; and you can't say you did not know...

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Hi out there, moving to cornillion in May from Vendee. Lived In Vendee for 6 years. Could anyone one help me with a few things. 1. Our son needs a lycee for electrotechnician. 2. English speaking docter for hubbie. Any helpful info on the area would be appreciated thank you

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Does anyone know what help we get from the French government for a pregnancy? Thanks for your help!

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cope with the change? language? school? friends? Ours daughters are 1 and 4; any tips to help the 4-year-old get used to a new environment easily?

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If you live in or near Perpignan and have a daughter of 15-16 years of age, would she be interested to make friendship with a nice, friendly French girl? My niece is 15 years old, living 10 min from Perpignan. She adores British culture and lifestyle. She likes classic and pop music (playing violin), sport (playing tennis), she is romantic and chatty. If interested, please, let me know.

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We live in France and are planning to relocate down to the LR and trying to find out about lycees and college before we finalize an area. One of our kids is in the first year at lycee doing a Bac Lit in european Languages and would hope to continue her course, the others will be still at ecole but coming up to college, all are billingual. We are torn between Gard and Aude areas as our new location and obviously prime factor will be continued education for them. Does anyone have any experience of any lycees down in either the Aude or Gard and know of any that offer a Bac Lit in languages or can suggest a website where I can check them out please? Many Thanks

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Does anyone know where you can get Christmas crackers?

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Does anybody know if there is a Montessori 'Elementary' school in the Nimes area? Phillippa

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Hi all,A little while ago, the general question was asked about the interest in getting togther.Would anyone like to get together for a family b.y.o. picnic/drink, say 5 or 6pm on 21st June - mid-summers evening? I'd suggest the Espace Vert, at Esplanade de l'Europe in Montpellier. (Or would a weekend be better - Sunday 25th?) [Eastern half of the grass, opposite No. 20 apartments and l'Assiette restaurant.]We leave for Montpellier on 10th June an only have limited access to the internet after that, so some indication of interest before we depart would be welcome.Hoping to meet some of you ex-pats!Cheers,GrannyFi

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Our grandchildren are visiting our new home in June and I need to invest in a high chair and a fold away cot. Is there a chain similar to Mothercare I could visit?

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Keep using this forum now - people seem to have some very good ideas! Its mother's day next sunday in the UK - would anyone have any good ideas about what to send my mum? Its my first mother's day away from home so I want to get something to make sure she know's I'm thinking of her!

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Can anyone advise on international schools near Montpellier?

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Apparently I need one - what is it?    

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