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My family and I are travelling around France for a year. I have an 11 yr old girl, and 4yr and 3 yr old boys. Because we are moving around, we are home schooling and the children are missing out on friends/playing/socialising. We are currently in Escales until February, and I would be very interested in any play dates, meet ups, opportunites for learning French, or any group suggestions. I myself would also be interested in a coffee and a natter! Please email me at zoeorose@hotmail.co.uk if you would like to get together :) Zoe   

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Hello, I moved back  here near Montpellier after 15 years out of France. Lived in the US and Japan.Also Austria. I would like to meet german native people especially for my son, 10years old. He grew up in Austria and i wish him to keep his flluent german. I d be happy to meet the mums/dads too! I am working, but freelance, so can manage my schedule. Hope to find u! Liebe Grüße.

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my son and his wife and two children are moving to Canet from australia. can anyone recommend a school for the children . They are aged 8 years and 5 years.   Thank you!

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Hi. We are interested in a private school for an 11 year old bilingual English/French child around Narbonne/Béziers. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations? Where would be the best place to start my enquiries?

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hi, Does anyone have a toddler/young children interested in a playdate ? My daughter is 16 months and would love to make some friends ;-) Narbonne area. thanks! Shirley

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Looking to move to this area with 8 and 11 years old kids and would like any info on international schools or schools with international section. Kids are bilingual but would like some more emphasis in English. Thanks Susie Var

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Hi, We are looking for recommendations of small, friendly schools (for CM2) in the area bordered by Carcassonne, Quillan and Mirepoix, Castelnaudary. What small towns or villages (with minimum of boulangerie and cafe) do people recommend? Jennifer

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Hi everyone I have now got my market stall selling toys and sweets Quillan Wednesdays and Saturdays lavelanet Fridays  Esperaza Sundays   Any suggestions on what toys you would like to see would be great please.   Robbie    

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After years of sruggling with the French school system my youngest son, who is dyslexic, has just started going to an International school in Montpellier. The school is very small and run rather like a big family. They are happy to accept children who have learning difficulties and the fees are much lower than those of many other International schools. If anyone is interested in receiving more details please contact me. We live between Perpignan and Narbonne and the only problem that we now have is that the daily journey to school is going to be expensive. Therefore if anyone else is interested in their child going to this school from our area please contact me to discuss car-sharing.

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We want to meet with families with kids who enjoy sailing and are willing for sailing trips together around the area , our daughter is  3 1/2 we leave in Lindon\Wimbledon and we own a 34 foot sailing boat with mooring in St Cyprien - we would love to do a day trips on our boat or longer trips - everyone with his own boat and having better time for the kids...

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I am hoping to move to Carcassone from Ireland in September with my 2 children a boy aged 9 and a girl aged 6.  I would love to stay for a year to broaden their horizons and  learn french.  I have been looking on line for a furnished 2 or 3 bed apartment or town house to rent in Carcassone.  It would need to be in a safe and secure area and walking distance from all facilities as I won't have a car.  My husband will be commuting over and back fom Ireland every 3 weeks. I am a primary school teacher so I am thinking of homeschooling my children for the year.  However I am not sure if ths is the best idea as it will take them longer to get the language.  Would anyone have any suggestions on a good preferably catholic school.  I cannot afford to pay big fees.   So accomoddation first I suppose.  So if anyone knows of a nice house or appartment to let I would really appreciate it. All general advice accepted.   Mnay thanks, Michelle

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Hi   I'm coming to france for 2 weeks from the 13th June and we're keen to check out some different locations as are thinking around relocation from the UK with our nearly 5 year old and 2 year old. Work isn't an issue for location (other than internet access) as my husband works from home remotely. We've staying near Narbonne for 1 week and Perpignan for 1 week but places on our shortlist to look at are: Limoux Pezenanas Beziers Sete   Ideally we want to put out eldest in an international school for the first year whilst we rent and try it all out but then would drop her into a local french school. We've ruled out the larger cities as worried about finding a community to fit in and we currently live in a small town so feels like too bigger change but equally dont want to end up somewhere where it's hard to fit in with locals / community. Is there anywhere else to add to our initial shortlist to pay a visit? Also if anyone is located near where we are staying and would be able to meet up for a coffee or wine we'd really appreciate advice from anyone who's made the change. Thanks Amy  

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Hi, We are looking for a teacher to provide piano lessons for our 10yr old daughter. We are not expecting a professional, just someone who can provide fun lessons with not too much of a strict structure. She has had lessons when we were in the UK so is not a total beginner. We have a piano at the house or we are happy to drive to your place. We live in Quarante (34310), and of course are prepared to pay for the lessons.   Many thanks in advance. Matt

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We are moving to near Limoux in June and have a 2 year old little boy. I was hoping to get 2 days a week or similar of childcare for him (with other children) so that he doesn't miss out on the social interaction he currently gets from nursery in the UK. We won't know any similar age children in the area and would like him to have some company and exposure to the language. There are only 2 Creches listed in Limoux and they are full can anyone suggest any alternatives?  Also, any suggestions of things to do with a 4 and 2 year old would be welcome. Thanks for your help

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We are moving over to Malvies (10 mins outside of Limoux) in June and have a 2 year old and a 4 year old. We'd love to hear from anyone looking for play dates or any groups / clubs we might be able to go to. My oldest will hopefully go to school in Sep but am struggling to find company for our 2 year old. Will have a good size garden to play in so happy to host to meet other young families. Thanks

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We're looking to move over to France and take a year out, initially, from all systems to spend some family time.  Part of this would, of course, mean home schooling the kids (there are 3, aged 12, 8 and 4 (by then)). I'd appreciate this not to turn into a discussion about pros and cons as we've spent the best part of 2 years doing the very same and have made the decision.  However, whom we would be really pleased to hear from are people doing the same.  We've found some fantastic French people on blogs doing the same and have made some delightful finds on the way, but would love to hear form local people who do home school and who would like to share their experiences, or, indeed, discuss places the kids can all meet up. If anyone would like to discuss pro's and cons, please drop me a note here and I'll PM email addresses where we could continue in private. Thanks very much in advance.

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Hello Can anyone advise on the college Saint Joseph in Limoux please? We moved to the area last summer from the UK and our daughter attends Saint Germain in Limoux. She has settled very well and we are extremely pleased with all the help she has been given. She is due to start college in Sept and just wondered if anyone has any good or bad advice to offer ? I think there is one other college in Limoux? Thx in advance ....again!

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Hello, We are about to arrive in France in about three weeks time and have seen suitable properties in the Limoux/Carcassonne/Narbonne/Aude area, but have not found a school yet for our two sons.We would hugely appreciate some advice on how to find a school as well as recommendation by families with kids in the area. The Dordogne area near Montcaret woudl also be an option for us - has anyone got experience with schools there? Our sons are 9 and 11 and do not speak any French yet (neither do we), so we are looking for nice schools with experience in integrating anglophone children. (An elementary school, and I guess, a Lycee for our older son?) Any advice would be VERY much appreciated! Thank you! Milena  

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Appreciate this has most probably been asked before (and I have read the other conversations on here). We have lived in Normandy for 15yrs, and have 2 childfren who will be 5 and 6 in the summer, plus a baby due.  Ouyr children are bi-lingual so language is not an issue.  The children currently go to the small private school in our village, which has about 50 pupils in total. Looking for an area/town/village (considering Quillan/Limoux) that is lively all year round, has good facilities/activities for children and is near a medium/large town but not a city. Needs to be approx, 1hr mountain/1hr coast/1hr boarder to Spain. Any thoughts would be appreciated.......plus we are planning on visiting to area during the Feb holidays, so if anyone wanted to have a coffee/chat/play date that would be fab!    

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hi-are any english families with children in either chalabre senior school-10 plus age,or quillan senior school--10 plus in  age  if so what support do english speaking children get and what do you think of each school-would you put a 11-12 year old in junior school if the junior school allows this? grace alex zosia

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