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My 19 year old daughter has a severe speech disorder and dyspraxia. I would like to find support in the Prades area for her, voluntary work, youth groups. I have no idea how to get a social worker or benefit for her... very grateful for any help or advice, best wishes, Lisa

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We moved to France in July 13 with our youngest son. We had an arrangement with a British teacher local to us (near Ginestas) who agreed to teach our son IGCSE's. Unfortunately, last week this agreement came to a crashing end. We are desperate to find someone who can help him for the last few months of his education. If you know anyone please do make contact

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Hi there, My French partner and I moved to Pezenas a couple of weeks ago. I'm Australian, 33 and pregnant with our first child and would love to meet up with other young mums in the area for the occasional coffee /chat. If interested, please send me an email! cally.williamson@gmail.com Cheers! Cally

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We are a Canadian family with two young kids (6boy &8girl) spending a year sabbatical in Sauve, France (30 mins NW of Nimes/50km N or Montpellier) - neither my husband nor I are working, so we are homeschooling the kids in order to leave more flexibility for travel. After 3 weeks in the region, we have not met any other kids for potential play dates... looking into local activities, but any suggestions would be welcome! Kids are more comfortable in English, but they are in French Immersion back home and need to practice their French as well!

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Hello I'm an irish lady (have been living in france about 20 years now...). I have two girls 11 and 9 years old. I messed up the bi-lingual thing.... Since +/- 2007 and our return from the states we only speak french at home (my husband is french) - my girls have ok english (the eldest is good and was fluent at one point when we lived in the states and the younger one tries hard too). I'm working full time but have wednesday afternoons free most weeks. I'd love to meet up with other english/irish etc... mothers/fathers/families who have children around the samed ages as my girls so that we can get a little english speaking circle going and so that I can get back into ONLY speaking english at home.  We live in Aigues Vives (30).... Hope to have some replies !

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HiI am looking at moving to Limoux with a 7 and 9 year old and would appreciate any information, good or bad, of the elementary schools in the town.Thanks

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Hello, I live in Nissan lez Enserune with my 2.5 yr old son, does anyone one know of any mother toddler groups around, english or french speaking. Alternatively anyone want to meet up for some play dates. thanks Jodie

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We come and spend all of August every year at our house near Pezenas. We have a 7 year old daughter and 3 year old son. The daughter especially would like an occasional playmate. It would also be nice to meet other families down here.

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Hi, we have a house in Pouzols Minervois near Olonzac and have three kids - girls aged 6 and 9 and a 6-year-old boy. We spend about eight weeks a year at the house but are hoping to extend this. We would love to meet other families with kids to broaden our local connections and give our very sociable kids more playmates. Rod 07957 424976.

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Hi, We are new to France.  We live in Paraza a small village 20 minutes outside Narbonne.  We have 4 boys 2/5/7/9 and would love to meet up with expat families or french families who are interested to do language exchange for kids.  Pls feel free do any advice to us or send a PM.  So far loving it here.  Cheers.

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Hi everyone. I'm due with my first child in November and I am looking for some English speaking mums to meet up with.  I'm living in Maraussan near Beziers. I wouldn't mind traveling abit.  Love to hear from you.  Victoria 

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Hello... my family and I have been living in Ales since the beginning of the year. My partner had a work transfer here from Paris.  I have a 4 month old baby and I am eager to meet other mums and have a cup of tea and chat. I am feeling so alone in this town.  I am happy to travel to other towns.   Rachel Davies 

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Hello, I'm 21 and currently au pairing in Limoux near Carcassonne. I'd really love to meet some other au pairs in the area, does anyone know of any? Thanks :) Charlotte

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Hello, we will be moving to the limoux area soon and wondered if there are any local summer clubs/activities for children in the area. Our daughter will be attending St Germaine school in September and just wanted to try and familiarise her with the area/friends etc during the holidays any advice most welcome please. we are aslo looking for a gymnastic club as she competes in the uk many thx

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We are an English family whio have just moved to Quillan. We have 2 daughters aged 5 and 9 and we would like to meet other children in the area, my girls are missing their friends back in England. We'd love to hear from anyone who is in, or has been in, a similar situation. Thanks

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Hi I am looking to move to France next year with my family. We have two children, 12 and 15, and I would like any recommendations for specific state schools who offer English speaking support. The area does not matter as we will be guided by the where the school is situated.Many thanks.Andy Cleaver

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could anyone give me their experiences on the Quarante school? particularly how an english children could adjust there?   thanks in anticipation :)

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Hi,   We have just moved into Quarante (Nr Cruzy) and both our girls (10 & 8) have just started at the local schools. The oldest child is finding it difficult to adjust & we would like to find an English speaking play mate who may help her to settle. Many thanks in advance.   Matt & Emma Jane

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I will be moving to Montpellier this summer with my two kids ( daughter of 16 and son of 11 ), they speek fluent English and French and being soon new to the area I was wondering if there are any families willing to meet up, a chance to meet some new people. Please let me know if anyone is interested! 

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Good day   Does anyone have experiences pleasant or otherwise at quarante school. My daughter who is 14 and English will be starting there soon. I will be very keen to get some feedback.

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