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hello, can anyone advise on the gymnastic club in Limoux please? We are moving to the area in the summer and our 10 year old daughter is a keen gymnast here in the UK. We are trying to find a club where she can continue training/competions Any advice most welcome please

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I'm very keen to start a new life with my lovely 9 year old daughter - we have a house all ready to move into (very lucky) in the Pyrenees-Orientales region & we know the area very well having spent every summer holiday there (all my daughter's & 25 of mine!!)  We have friends there & feel at home etc etc.  This isn't the problem.  I am very concerned that my daughter's age of 9 is too late to move her into the French education system.  She is very bright & settled in her current School in Wales (we've had upheaval, I am a single parent, & we have been living with my parents for the past 3 years - very good of them).  I am worried that 9 is the wrong age & shouldn't do it but also I want her to have a better quality of life & feel she is growing up too quickly here.  This is such an important issue - I owe it to my daughter to make the right decision.  Can anyone offer any advice please, I'd be very grateful.  The town has a primary school just down the road from the house.  Everything is waiting for us if that makes sense but my daughter is my priority & it has to be the best thing for her.  This issue is the only thing that is stopping me.  Thank you, merci.

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Hi, does ayone have any feedback or advice on bilingual schools? I have found two in the MontpelIier area (Eridan and EIB in Baillargues) and wondered if anyone had children at those schools and could tell me about them please? Or are here any others? We are moving to the region from Kent with our 8-year old daughter and thought a biligual school would help the transition from the UK to France. I know a previous thread mentioned Eridan in 2011 and would be grateful to hear from anyone with experience of it or any other. We're planning to spend the Easter hols looking at them. Thank you.    

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Hi, we are moving soon to a place near uzes & i am hoping anyone can help with school tips for our to children, Both are non French speaking, aged 9 & 12. We are not that bothered about placing them into international schools as we want them to pick up French relatively quickly. So, am wondering if anyone has any suggestions regarding schools near or in Uzes suitable especially if they lready have English speaking children there already. Many thanks

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Hi, my son starts college next year and I want to make sure I make the right decision. We are right on the border of the Ariege and Aude. Most of his class are going to Mirepoix but some are going to Chalabre, which is nearer for us. My French is fairly basic, so I cannot really chat to other mums about this as I would in the UK. Therefore I would really welcome any input. We have been here 5 years so my son is fluent French. I know Chalabre is smaller but i have heard some of the teachers are not the best! Many thanks

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Hi, im Australian and moving over to the South of France Narbonne area, to join my also Aussie partner in june and I am due to have our first baby in September. I am desperately seeking som assistance in finding a Narbonne or nearby based Sage-Femme/Midwife who can deliver the baby eith in hospital or at home who is English speaking. I'm having trouble locating this type of information or yellow pages listings to assist me with this. Any advice would be so helpful. thanks! C

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Hi, Me and my (French) fiance and our 20 months old boy just moved to Narbonne. I'm working from home and would love to meet up for lunch or a coffee during the week, or in the week-ends with the kids. Just let me know if you're interested. /Kristina

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Hello parents out there! Have any of you had issues with your children not wanting to come with you to France and how you have overcome/resolved this? Wheather you moved for a job or for 'a change of lyfestyle', I would be very grateful to hear your experiences. I am asking this because I have got this issue with my almost 11 year old daughter.  We are in a split family situation, fairly amicable, and this could be discussed with all parties. We are still in the UK and our move to LR  is aimed for the next summer but when discussed with my daughter she was outright against moving. And because we are in a split family situation, she actually has a choice!  My ideal plan is that she could come with us and see how she likes it, for a year or so, and if it really doesn't  work for her, then she can go  to finish her education with her Dad and Stepmum. But at least, I want her to try to come with us for a year, but right now she is saying she doesn't want to hear about it.  She doesn't speak much French and is becoming a very self-conscious pre-teen.  Any ideas will be very much appreciated. Olga PS The move will not have an impact on her contact with Dad - she only sees him on some of the half term holidays as we live quite a distance apart. But they are close on the social media. Also, my husband is his later 60s so timing is an essence for us. 

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Hello, We justmoved in nissan and we are french but my girls, 14, 12 and10 years old need to improove their english.so, if you got kids who needs to improove their french , i think we can settle something for them. I m french but i love speaking english. So let me know if you are interested Thanks

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Hi there, We are spending the next couple of months (possibly longer) in the Carcassonne area and would love to find playdates for our almost-seven-year-old daughter. We actually home educate, so would be great to meet others homeschooling, but that is not essential! Our daughter is learning French and will have some French playmates, but would also be lovely for her to have a few English-speaking playdates while we are here. Look forward to hearing from anyone looking for similar or if you have any tips for places to hang out etc. Best Wishes, Alice

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hi  we have been in limoux france for 8 weeks , our daughter aged 9 wishes to go back to her ballet lessons , a english/ french  speaking ballet school would help get her confidence , she knows a little french any help would be great -thanks 

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My son is 9 months into French mainstream schooling (CP) and doing well, but I am very keen to find someone with teaching experience near to us (Lamalou les Bains 34240) who could help him keep his English reading and writing skills up to date. I wondered if there are any members near to us who have relevant experience of teaching children and would be able to offer a short weekly session.  I do not want to bog him down as he already has a very busy school and homework schedule but I would feel much happier if he continued to build on his English reading and writing skills.   

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It would be such a waste of our daughter's time doing 3 hours plus of English at college plus devoir every week.  I thought maybe they would let here sit in the library or in a corner of the classroom studying something more useful online (eg Chinese !?), but everyone thinks that there is no chance. I wondered if anyone had come up with a good wheeze for talking the college into letting their child off.  One idea I had was getting her to take an exam in Anglais for intended 15/16 yr olds more or less immediately. Thanks for any suggestions

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Hi Me and my fiance and our 22 months old boy Hugo has just moved to cruzy. We are wondering if anyone knows if we could put Hugo in ursery 1-2 days a week? Or if there are nannys about? Or even just a babysitter for odd days and nights. Any help or information is greatly appreciated. If anyone has a child similar age it would be great to meet up if intrested. Emma

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Just moved over near Thuir with 6 mth old twins, looking floor for any suggestions regarding night time child care.please contact me ,s'il vous plait ... Maniscream@mac.com

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We have just moved to France from Australia for a year or two. Before starting my 7 year old daughter at the local primary school I would like her to do some intensive french lessons, any suggestions appreciated. Also does anyone have similar experience of  commencing their childs schooling with no command of the French language. Thankyou in advance, Tash  

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Hi Everyone, I'm an English single dad living between Narbonne and Perpignan. I have a wonderful 2 year old boy who is a little shy at first but a bundle of fun once the ice is broken. I have had a very limited social circle so now need to get out and about and find some little friends for my son. If anyone has any ideas of meet ups or events in which my son could meet other children of simular age please drop me a line. Thanks

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Hello, Our 2 grandchildren, age 6 and 8, are here for the Sumer holidays, and will be here every school holidays from now on.  They were both born in French, but have forgotten most of it when they moved to Ireland with their mum. The eldest an still understand French, but speaking it is more difficult. We recently bought a property in Talairan, and don't know any families with children in that age group (yet). We would love them to play with other children in our area, whether they're English speaking or French speaking, that doesn't make any difference, as they would love to learn French again.. They are lovely friendly kids, but a bit shy, hence our posting. Thanks in advance for your reactions, much appreciated! Kind regards, Andrea

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Hello, I just moved to France being in 4 months pregnant. Except my boyfriend I dont know anyone here and I dont speak the language yet. Sometimes I feel really isolated. Normally I am very social person, I've traveled a lot and speak several languages and so on, but with this pregnancy I got somehow also more insecure. I'd like to meet new people and do some activities and literally - make some friends. I chose this group because since this is my first child it would be maybe nice to attend some children related events or to meet other moms or expecting moms. So if there's anyone who could and wish to help me with that I'd be more than gratefull :) About me - I come from Slovakia, 27 years old, studied architecture and worked in IT, lived in Japan, Portugal, Germany and USA. I live in Laroque des Alberes, 25km away from Perpignan. Thank You very much for any suggestions.

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My team of qualified, experience International School Teachers, are thinking of setting up a small English speaking International School in Perpignon, to teach the UK school curriculum to children of 11+. Does anyone have any thoughts about how well this would be recieved?

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