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Hi , we are an Irish and French couple who have just moved to the Carcassonne area. We have been here about 2 months now and as the DIY is coming to an end we are keen to kick start some sort of a social life ! We have an 11 month old baby girl . Where do you start to meet other expats in the area? Any advice appreciated! Thanks  

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Hello we are moving to Languedoc in the next few months from Brittany, and have 3 children aged 5,3, and a 3 month old baby. Just wondered if anybody knows of any good schools on or near the coast where we can settle permanently. Or any ideas of good locations for families, we heard Argeles and Fitou are nice? But good schools are our priority, ideally where the 5 and 3 year old can go together or close to each other.Thanks

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Hi, We are going to stay in Narbonne from  the end of Dec 2013 to Aug 2014.  I have 8 yrs/3yrs boys. I'd like to get any recommendation for their school either public or private.  They don't speak any French, so  I prefer school has a language support with English.  Thanks. Yuko

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Hi there My 4 1/2 yr old boy is in full time french education but his french is not as good as his english and I was wondering if anyone knew of someone that could give him an extra french lesson on a Wednesday in the Haute Vallee d'Aude region around Esperaza, Couiza or Quillan area or any other suggestions to improve his french as I feel he gets fustrated at school due to lack of being able to communicate. Thanks for any suggestions

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Hi Could anyone recommend an english speaking insurance company for us to Insure our 9 year old who is due to start school next week and idea of cover and cost. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks    

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Hi I'm very new to France (limoux area) and to use of forums. I am ondering where we can go to meet other mums and toddlers near us? All help very much appreciated.

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Hi, I have recently moved to Narbonne with my husband and 3 boys (aged 5, 3 and 1).  If there are any families in the area who would like to meet up for play dates, picnics in the park or a cup of tea and a chat, would love to hear from you!  

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Hello everyone! I am new to Montpellier and to this forum, but I am looking for help. I currently teach English two days a week at a primary school, but I am looking for another part-time job. I was hoping to be able to find a job either babysitting or tutoring (as I have many years of experience in these fields), but it seems to be more difficult to find in Montpellier than in the United States. Any recommendations?   Thanks!

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Hi, I will be moving to Caunes Minervois about 20 minutes from Carcassone in 2 to 3 months with my currently 7 month old baby girl. Is anyone out there interested in a mum and baby get together ? Probably more for me than the baby! I can't seem to find any such groups on the net but am sure they must exist??? I could probably host something at our place once hubby sorts out the DIY!

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Hi, we are planning a move there later in the year and wanted to find out if there was anyone around this area with children, particularly little girls for my daughter to meet up with. She is 7 and very much a little girly girl. many thanks

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I have  just ordered from Gap and it was delivered in under 24 hours for a reduced price of £4!

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I am due to move to Languedoc next year and need to be close to an international shcool for my son who will be entering his gcse years ( age 14). He dooesnt speak much french so I am keen for him to go to a school here a high level of clasees ( or all classes) are taught in english, and that offer the english curriculum, otherwise I fear he will not do well in his exams. I am struggling to find a shcool that offers this. Can anyone help. My house search will be based on where the school is so I am not restricted to a specific area and I know that school fees may be high. The only one I have found so far is in Toulouse in the next department ! If anyone can offer suggestions i would be very grateful, thanks in advance, amanda

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Hi All, We are hoping to move to the Ferran area within the next year with three children aged 6, 4 and 16 months. I was just wondering if there are any other Brits in the area with children of similar ages or who moved to France with kids of a similar age? I would be keen to get to know people with other young ones, but would also be keen to hear how those who moved with kids of a similar age got on. We are very worried about how our eldest child will cope with all the change and upheaval. Any advice ordetails of personal experiences would be much appreciated! Thanks, Carsica

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Hello, I have recently moved to the area with my baby now 11 months. Are there any mothers out there in the Carcassonne, Limoux, Mirepoix area or in even a little further afield who want to get together for their own sanity and fun for the children ?. I do have one english friend/ mum with a baby but she has temporarily gone back ot the UK and a french friend with a 2 year old is is very keen to join up with other mothers. If anyone knows anyone with a baby who praps does'nt read Angloinfo ( surely there are a few) and who have baies/toddlers please let them know. please contact soon

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Hi! We have recently arrived in the area (Montesquieu) with our two children (9 and 4 yrs) who were both born here and are in the French schooling system. Our kids would love to meet other Anglo kids but we don't know anyone in the area! Any advice? Many Thanks Mel

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Please help - I have 8 month old boy/girl twins from a 5 year relationship that is now failing. The pregnancy was not planned (we weren't even living together) and my partner spent 2 months trying to convince me to have an abortion. He didn't want kids at the time and feared they would prevent us from following our plans of moving to the south of France and renovating a farmhouse together. I was terrified of being a single mum so when he changed his mind half way through the pregnancy I basically said yes to everything he wanted, not really thinking things through. So here I am, in the South of France, feeling totally isolated. Everything is new - the babies, living with my partner, the country etc. etc. I have lost loads of weight through stress and he can't understand why I'm not blissfully happy. When we're not arguing we're avoiding each other which is probably worse and I've come to the realization that it's not going to work out.Trouble is, though I faced the scenario of being a single mum with twins a year ago and I know it would be possible with the help of my family and friends, it would mean moving back to the UK. My partner can't do that as he has bought this house in France and won't give me permission to move back with them unless I agree to split custody 50/50 but how do you do this when you live in separate countries? I know I can't leave without his permission unless I get permission from a French court. Has anyone been in a similar situation? How likely is it that a french court would let me leave the country? I've heard paternal rights are a lot stronger here. I really don't want to go down the legal route but should I really agree to a 50/50 split - can't believe this would be best for such small babies - or making myself miserable by trying to raise twin babies alone in France? Btw, I'm still partly breast feeding and although my partner is a great dad, he doesn't know anyone here and can't speak french.

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Any advice for us with 3 young children? Looking within 30mins of Perpignan.. Go on... Share some sound advice! Cheers

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Hi everyone, I am new to this group as well as to the France. I was wondering whether anyone could give me some tips on english school (primary) in Perpignan for my 7 yr old girl. Also looking for potential summer camps, playgroups, and activities for english speakers going on during the season. Is there a facebook page for expats in Perpignan? Looking forward to your reactions. Ciao!Sabine

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Hi please get in touch if you want to have an english speaking parent/baby/toddler meet-up in the Mirepoix/Carcassonne/Limoux area. Lulu : )

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Hi I wondered if anyone could help - we come to Narbonne every summer for July and August, I would like find some activities that my daughters 4, 9 and 11 can take part in. Can anyone recommend somewhere near by to learn to sail, windsurf , horseriding etc that speaks some english . My french is basic but the kids have very little. Also anyone know someone who could teach them ice skating at the Narbonne rink? We would also like some french lessons while we are over this summer. Thanks

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