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Is there anyone out there who could help my 12 year old daughter with her homework? She is in sixieme at college in Lezignan and although she seems quite fluent verbally, she still struggles with reading and writing in French. We came here just over 2 years ago with no French so she has done really well to learn the language but the school system makes no allowance for the fact that she is struggling with the written word, and she often is given 'punishments' because her homework is not good enough! No brownie points for the effort put in! We live in Bizanet, which is between Lezignan and Narbonne and would love to talk to anyone who has any ideas that might help. Pat

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Hi does anyone know if there are any Montessori schools in the Aude? I am having trouble finding a list of schools anywhere. Does anybody use Montessori here, do you have any thoughts or feedback? Many thanks

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I was wondering if anyone could recommend to me an ENglish speaking doctor in the following or surrounding areas: Quillon, Esperaza, Limoux, Chalabre etc?

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Does anyone know if a cot in a rental property has to be a wooden cot or a travel cot, are there any regulations to be followed?

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Hi everyone I am looking for some advice/assistance in respect of my daughter. She is 17 and currently studying As level French in Northern Ireland. She is hoping to go on and do A level French next year. Are there any language courses for older teenagers in the Perpignan area - she would like to improve her french with course in France while on holidays (preferably with other kids her age)? Ruth

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We are about to move from the Haute Vienne to Pouzolles area and wondered if anyone could recommend a creche for my 2 year old. He has been at a creche for the last year and will start at Maternelle in September? Many thanks

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moving to Juan Les Pins next month and wondering if anyone is aware of a friendly kids group for my two very boisterous boys aged 2 and 4 years nearby; as they dont speak french yet it would be helpful if there were some english speaking kids around too. also any ideas of what to do with young children in the summer other than the beach? sounds silly I know but until we make new friends and my kids start school I dont want them to become too isolated ie just them and me. Dad will be working away a lot of the time so its up to me to entertain them. additionally any advice or other info would be greatly appreciated I should be excited but I just seem to be getting bogged down with the legal stuff (registrations etc) and the joy is beginning to disappear.. although I know its gonna be a great move for my family am starting to get scared (a new feeling for me as I'm usually very confident) and although I have lived abroad in several countries before, its a whole different ball game when you add children into the picture. anyone friendly out there that is willing to offer some sound advice to a worried mama?

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Hi, is there anybody who homeschools their children? Looking for more info about this if anybody can help ? thanks

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HiI am looking for an international college for my son in Montpellier or Beziers - anyone know any?Thanks

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We are considering moving to live in the Limoux area. We are British and currently live overseas. We have a 10 year old daughter (currently would be in CM2), but she would be 11 next September. I understand that children are sometimes kept down a year to improve their language skills, although she has been learning French at school since 7 years old and we intend to have weekly skype lessons for her too before we move over. We want a private school as I've heard that they are more helpful with teaching children French. I would also like some information about living in Limoux and the area (positives and negatives) if anyone can help.

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Hello, Does anyone have any experience of the Collèges in Pezenas or nearby? Either prive or public. Thank you.

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Hi there I just found out I am pregnant and I want to make sure I get good care. Does anyone know of a good gyno and doctor in the Argeles area? I don't know anyone who recently had a baby in this area and I don't just want to pick a name from the yellow pages....Any advice would be really welcome.Thanks

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Hi - I'm urgently seeking info on the La Gravette or Jean Jaures primary schools in Carcassonne. Just moved here with my 2 sons ages 9 & 6, they've been assigned to La Gravette. If anyone can help me at all with info about this school asap, I'd so appreciate this. It was suggested to me that I try to switch them to Jean Jaures, but without any info about either, it's hard for me to make a decision...and obviously, time is of the essence! Many thanks in advance, Samantha Sparks

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Hi, We are looking to move to the somewhere between Marsellian & MTP. I have always homeschooled our daughter but now we think it would be best for her to be immersed as we don't speak French. Does anyone have any input on schools in these areas? We are looking at public right now but are interested in an international school if she wants to go long term. Also any suggestions on anything from a villa that accepts dogs to where to buy/sell American goods & foods are also welcome.Many thanks,Heather

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I have a 9 nearly 10 year old boy, he played Rugby for the first 2 years of being in France, but didn't really want to play his game is Football but we can't seem to find any teams in the Perpignan or surrounding areas. Does anybody know of a team he could join.Thanks very much

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Hi! Does anyone know of a club where my bored 8 year old can go during the holidays, preferably to do activities/day trips but mainly to meet other kids of the same age? Much appreciated! Melanie

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Hi, my 9 year old son wants to take a couple of his friends to a skatepark for his birthday. I believe there is a good one at Carcassonne, but I have no idea where it is? If anyone can point me in the right direction, or let me know of any others (we live near Chalabre), I would be very grateful thanks

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My 11 year old daughter has just enrolled and is starting high school in Murviél this September. She is English and although she is learning French, is only on a very basic level at the moment.We are moving to St Genies de fontedit early August and i just wondered if there is anybody local who may have children starting at the same school? I tought maybe if she can have at least 1 face she recoginses it may not be quite so daunting

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Hi - does anyone have a recommendation for a nice place, preferably all-inclusive but reasonably priced, to go for a week or so with 2 boys ages 6 & 9, in August, southish France?? It could also be a kid-friendly B&B in a nice village - we won't have a car. I think a swimming pool is a must. I realize this is a wide-open question but if anyone has The Place that they loved...I'd like to hear about it! We will be in Carcassonne at the end of the month but I have about 2 - 3 weeks free before that..looking to fill them in a place where the kids can practise their french and we can get over jet-lag! Thanks - Samantha

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Hello! I spend most of my time home alone with our five month old baby at Cap Coudalere, Barcares, the other time is spent up at formigueres! Just wondering if there are any other young mums around the area for a meet up and some company for me and my little lady. Or if anyone knows of any baby groups locally? Any and all information is gratefully received :) Many thanks in advance!

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