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Hi there. My name is Julia and have just joined the forum. My partner and my two children (son 13, daughter 11) are planning a move to the Carcassonne area in the next few months. I have managed to find a huge amount of information on the internet about living in the area and have bought various books but what I can't find (in English!) is information about schools in the area. If anyone has any information, advice, tips, pointers about finding out more (through speaking/e-mailing English to someone as opposed to the Maire in the Town Hall who I will not be able to communicate with I wouldn't think!) I would be most grateful. If anyone has moved there with children of a similar age to mine, I would love to know how you/they found the transition and how long it took them to settle. I am looking at state and private schools (not international or anything) and want a school(s) that will embrace them and help with the language problems they will have, as opposed to regarding them as a burden and not helping them at all. I don't know if schools have waiting lists or how to arrange even go and see them and speak to the relevant heads about my children starting school in September. I really am lost. I think we can manage to arrange most of this move ourselves (my partner's children already live here with their French mother in Perpignan) and he has already bought a property here before but I really need help with schools. How do I know which are good and which aren't? Where do I start (in English!) Help! Thanks in anticipation... JuliaJulia

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We will be moving to Marseillan (postal code 34340) from the U.S. Can anyone recommend a college for our 14 year old daughter? She has limited French language (2 years in school). Thank you.

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Hi, We are looking to move to the area in the summer.However we would like opinions on whether the education system is better in France than in the UK, and why.We also need recommendations for schools in either Montpellier, Perpignan or Beziers. We have a 11 year old and a 15 year old.Any advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated.Andy Cleaver

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We have to kids 2 years and 3month, our 2 year old loves playing with other kids French or English and we would love him to socialise. If anyone knows of any playgroups or would like to create some get in touch.ThanksFrankie

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After years of baking birthday cakes for my kids and being told that I should do it for a living, I am thinking about giving it a go. I have lots of photos of cakes I have made, including Peppa Pig, the Little Mermaid, a tortoise, a caterpillar. I have also been making cupcake towers too. Just wondering whether anyone thinks that there is a market for it here? I can do other occasions too, wedding, christening or anything really.

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Hi, My wife and I are looking to move to the Perpignan area this summer. Our only concern is how our children aged 11 and 15 will manage at school as they only speak very basic French.We are looking for honest advise based on other people's experiences please. How did your children find it? Were they and are they still unhappy at school in France? Or was it hard for the first few months and then things got better and better?We would love to know.Many thanks. Andy and Lisa

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We will be moving to the Languedoc region this summer. Does anyone have recommendations on bilingual schools for a 14 year old in this area?

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My wife and I are moving to Roquefort Corbieres in April and are looking for a suitable school for our 14 year old grandaughter who will be living with us. We are looking for a school where she can board in the weekdays and come home at weekends if possible but this is not imperative so long as not too far from home. We would like to hear from anyone who can advise us or recommend a school to us. Our grandaughter has lived in France before for over a year and has enough French to attend a French speaking school, but may find it easier in an International school.

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Hi, does anyone have experience of this school? We are thinking of moving to the area and wanted to find out if anyone knew anything about the privee. My kids are currently in CP and CE1. thanks

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Have been living here for 5 years and are unhappy with our local school just outside Narbonne. Any views for or against primary schools in Narbonne, or Nevian, St Marcel, Salleles, St Nazaire? Anyone know where to get comparative info on schools (i know there's no ofstead but is there anything with results and inspections published?) Thanks.

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Hello! We have recently moved to the Bezier area (from the UK) with our almost 3 month old baby. Just wondering if there are any other young mums around the area? Or if anyone knows of any baby groups locally? Any and all information is gratefully received :) Many thanks in advance!

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Welcome parents (single, married, even expecting) anywhere near Perpignan or in Languedoc-Roussillon who would like to share family time, meet other parents, practice English, French, have fun! Parents qui veulent rencontrer autres parents et familles pour practiquer bonnes moments, l'anglais, etc! First meet-up Jan 22. Check us out: http://www.meetup.com/Perpignan-Parents Let's make this fun and mutually benefitial for all!

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Hey, My name's Lily. I'm a 14 year old, who's parent dragged me over here over 6 years ago now. I have made my little life. Friends and all. And speak fluent French. I know how hard it is and can be. France is very different from England. Very. AngloINFO, is known everywhere, or at least should be known. This message goes out to every parent who has a son or daughter of about my age, who wants someone to talk to, someone who's been through the whole 'move to France'. :) I'd like to creat a little 'groupe'. Maybe just a handfull of English people to chat with. And maybe go out all together sometime. Cinema, Shopping, or just hanging around. Anyway, i'm waiting for some answers, and I'll answer everyone who 'messages' back to me. :) Thanks for 'listening', Lily :)

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Hi all Does anyone have suggestions on possible venues in Ceret for around 20 adults and 10 children (3 years to 10 years). I have been let down by a venue saying it is "too much work to undertake for a couple of hours" so am very I disappointed as it was sudden and unexpected. I have tried contacting a few restaurants but the ones I like are either closed in November, the wrong location or a sit down 3 course meal is required for this party - costs spiralling out of control. Ideally I wish to hire (small church hall, small school hall - maybe?!) for a couple of hours 5pm to 7pm in Ceret. I would prefer to do the catering myself but would work with a venue on the costs if they had to provide the refreshments/snacks etcd..I now have friends looking forward to the celebrations on Monday 22nd November and I am beginning to panic. I am asking for any suggestions to you please as I don't want to start involving the friends I have invited. Thank you for any suitable suggestions.

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Hi. We're a family of 4, with a 4 year old boy and a 15 month old girl. We're in the process of buying a house near Perpignan and should be there sometime next Spring. We would love to start getting to know a few people now though and in fact are coming out for a week from about 20-27 November.Would anyone like to meet up? Or if not, we'd love some tips and advice on how to get started. ThanksPhil

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Hi, I am hoping to find some English speakers in the Pont st Esprit/Bollene area for coffee and chat. My French husband and I have recently moved here with our 2 year old son. I would also be interested in any advice on a good creche in this area. I am expecting our second child in May 2011 and would like to find out more about having a baby in France.

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We have a family with young children (3 and 5) visiting us for half term. We live between Perpignan and Thuir. Would be grateful for any suggestions for things to do next week, apart from coast and hill walks, as looks like might be too cool for a swim! Thanks.

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We have a villa near le boulou and and now trying to move to france .we have 2 children one of 14 and another of 10. we are looking for good schools for them both.can anyone give us some advice and help.what are the best schools in the area.many thanksscott

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Hi we are a family of 4 and have 2 children .one of 14 and another of 10yrs.we have a villa between le boulou and perthus.just trying to find some friends for them .we come over about 7 times a year and they get bored.anyone in the same situation.Scott

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Hi Everyone im currently writing an ebook called "My Biggest Moving to France Mistakes" mainly coz I've made a few and its always helpful to learn from others Would anybody be prepared to share of their "Bijou" mistakes from your experience moving and settling in France. Maybe you've recently moved or in the throws of moving and you have made a few errors along the way that youd be prepared to share Ill be happy to include an online link from any quote/anecdote you can provide Thank you all very much Kind Regards Andy

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