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Association looking for families to receive young English teenagers (boys and girls) coming to Nimes from July 4th to the 12th. 2 per family and there will be a contribution to their full board. Outings everyday except Sundays. Excellent solution for a linguistic stay AT HOME ! Information and Inscription from Guy or Patricia BROCHIER 04 66 62 18 58 / 06 63 25 67 43 or brochierg@wanadoo.fr

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Hi there, We have recently bought a house in Conilhac Corbieres, inbetween Carcassonne and Narbonne and my two children would love to meet up with some new friends. Elliot is 7 and Phoebe is 6. If there is anyone out there who would like to get together for a coffee and a playdate just drop me a line. Many thanks Gill King gillianking1@talktalk.net

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Calling all young writers and artists! Why not enter our Halloween competition at Black Hen? Check out our website for details: www.blackheneducation.com All entries are free and prizes for the best entries!

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How easy is it for non-french nationals to get discounted rates for pensioners? I am over 65 but was refused a cheaper rate at the local swimming pool on the grounds that I had no official french documentation with me. In a way it was flattering to be assumed to be less than the official French retirement age especially as the workers seem to be striking because they want to keep retirement before the age of 62. On the other hand is this another case of french bureaucracy gone mad? What about travelling on French railways or buses trams etc. Is a French Senior citizens railcard or similar the only way of getting reduced rates for elderly people?

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hello, our 13 years old boy feels alone during school holidays .. he wants a friend to go to the sea, to go swimming, to play xbox, skateboarding, .. and many other things. we're living in a small town 15 km south Perpignan, 15 km from Argelès ... please email us if your child also needs a friend in this area ! mango.tango@hotmail.com

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Hi,I live in a village 5km north of Montpellier and have been asked by a friend of mine if I can find her an exchange for her 15 yr old boy who is a baseball enthusiast.I can vouch for the family who are very involved with village and school life, the child will be well looked after and will get to know the region during his visit. (He would prefer a male exchange).Please mail me here or privately to catherine@frogbus.com

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"A new non-profit association called ESKA - English Speaking Kids Association - has been set up in the region to bring together English-speaking children of various ages to enjoy different kinds of activities in English. All children of all nationalities are welcome to join in the activities accompanied by their parents or guardians. The first event will take place on 4th September at 4pm at the Salle des Conférences, Avenue de Saint-Géniès 34400 LUNEL VIEL. Further information can be found at www.englishspeakingkidsassociation.fr or by calling Victoria on 06 30 59 64 00."

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We are a British family and will be in St Cyprien for the whole summer and would like to meet french girls of same age as our daughter with view to organising exchange visits in the future. I am a qualified teacher of English as a foreign language and fairly fluent in French also. Please email me if you know anyone who may be interested who lives in the St Cyp area.

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Hello My name is Emily, i am 17, i live in Carcassonne. If anybody is looking for a babysitter i am available during the summer months. If anybody is interested you can contact me by email at emilypv@hotmail.com .

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Hi, We are planning to move to Perpignan or close to Perpignan. My son will be in CP in september. He's 6 years old. Do you know any international school? Private or public? Is Spanish the first language that the french schools teach in 66? Thank you Regards, Aloha

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We are having a first meeting to discuss about a Montessori school in the Beziers area; the school will be bilingual French/English for 2 to 12 years old and we plan opening September 2010. If you would like to attend, please join us at MVA (maison des associations) in Beziers, 15 rue du general Marguerite, tomorrow Tuesday Sept 1st at 6pm. Or send us an email to be kept posted. See you soon.

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Hi, I have been living and working in France for the last seven years, currently living close to the border of Aude and PO. All three of my children have been educated in French schools and all are bilingual. My youngest child, now aged 9 years, after a lengthy process of bilans was last year diagnosed as dysexic. This resulted in us then having to apply for a handicapped status in order to qualify for any additional educational support or funding. Despite all the evidence as supplied by us as well as a whole host of medical and educational experts (teachers, psychologists, neuro psychologist, neuro pediatrician, speech therapist...etc etc) this status was refused. I am writing this post as a last resort following a frustrating and emotional meeting at my child's school this morning when I was basically told that there was very little they could do without AVS (state funding). If there is anyone else out there who has had a similar exerience or who would be interested in forming a joint home/bilingual educational programme for a small group of children then I would love to hear from you. For those of you who can relate to my frustration you may also find the following article in The Connexion of interest: French schools under performing May 17, 2010 THE GAP between the best and worst-performing school pupils is getting bigger, according to an official new report comparing French education standards with other developed countries. The State's official auditor, the Cour des Comptes has become the latest body to criticise French education, following similar reports in recent months by doctors and a leading think-tank. The study found one in five children has serious writing and numeracy problems throughout their time in school - and one in six leaves school without any qualifications. It ranked France 17th for pupils' performance out of the 34 countries that form the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The top three countries were Finland, South Korea and the Netherlands. Cour des Comptes president Didier Migaud said that out of all the countries the report studied, France was the place where a child's social background had the biggest say in their school success. The research found only 18% of children from the least well-off families passed the baccalauréat, compared with 78.4% from the most privileged backgrounds. The divide was said to be twice as big as in other countries including Japan, Canada or Finland - and getting bigger. On the issue of costs, the auditor said it had been very difficult to assess how effective the system was because the Education Ministry refused to reveal any figures in euros - referring instead to "teacher hours" or "teacher posts". The report nonetheless calculated that the policy of making under-performing students repeat years was costing €2bn a year - without any evidence that it worked. It said more resources should be dedicated to pupils in need of extra help outside of lessons, including homework support. The report comes a fortnight after a similar study by the Institut Montaigne, a leading French think-tank, which warned that four out of ten pupils are leaving primary school without basic spelling and numeracy skills - the equivalent of 300,000 children a year. The think-tank research blamed long school days, long holidays and a policy of making under-performing children repeat years. Another report in January, by the National Academy of Medicine, said the four-day week was exhausting for young children and harming their ability to learn. The Education Ministry has written to local education authorities encouraging them to try out alternative timetabling from the rentrée in September and has suggested spreading lessons over an extra half-day to make each day shorter. However the ministry has not gone as far as scrapping the four-day week it introduced in September 2008, but suggests that schools look at ways of rearranging lessons to "improve efficiency and respect a child's rhythm".

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We are sending my daughter to French boarding school for a term and therefore have a place at her boarding school in Yorkshire (Malsis) available in summer 2010. Age 11-13. Very sports orientated school, particularly for boys, and a great opportunity to try out the system for a term only. A terms fees would be payable. We are in Ceret and are happy to discuss this with anyone who is serious. Clare

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I am looking for an other mum in Uzes or nearby for my two-year-old to play with another child. Moira, my two year old, goes to the Pitchounets crèche here in Uzès, but it is difficult to make friends with other parents and meet outside of kindergarden... So I was wondering whether there is someone else in the area that needs to kill a few hours here and there with their child.Alessandra

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We are thinking about accepting employment in Montpellier, and we need a recommendation for a good maternelle (kids are aged 3 and 5 years). It doesn't have to be an international school. Our kids already speak some French, but we have been living in Aix-en-Provence, and we find the schools here differ drastically, dependingon the area in which you live. Can anyone recommend a nice village near Montpellier (30 minutes drive or less) that might have a good maternelle? Our job is right off the A7, 20 min from the center of the city.

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Hi, did anyone see the article in Tuesdays Daily Mail about the growing number of women being left in France by partners who are not able to cope and do not know where to go for help and advice? Since then all sorts of exciting things have happened and the lady who featured mainly in the story has been approached to offer help and support to Women Alone In France hence the name of her group. There are a lot of things she can help with including legal advice from a Notaire, Avocat, Insurance man, Doctor and financial advisor. There will be more press coverage as things progress and there are people able to offer some work opportunities and support women in a variety of practical ways. This is not a " tea and a chat" group these are real issues for real people and she aims to help sort out the problems women cannot perhaps find answers to easily. The group will help women all over France and there will be a confidential line for private discussion and a private email address. Please spread the word, maybe you know a woman struggling alone or are indeed yourself having a tough time. For more information please email me and I will put you in touch. Help offered always appreciated so if you have a skill to offer get in touch too (men alone can also get help.)

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We are contemplating moving to the Anduze area, an hour north of Montpellier, from England with our two daughters age 5 and 7. We'd like to understand more about the options for schooling in the area in local schools, or other types of school (eg. international schools) . We would greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions from people who have done something similar. Also, we’ll be in the region from May 30th to June 5th should anyone be willing to meet over a cup of coffee.Thanks, Sophie and Jacob

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I am trying to trace Derek Forrest who lived in England before moving to France. He owned a printing company in England. I am closely linked to Derek by his mother Jessica. If anyone has any information please email me or post on this site. Ishka Sanderson Dickson

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Hi all I have found my self in a tricky situation for 3 weeks end of may and beginning of jun where i have no childcare. Does anybody know of anybody reliable and v. responsible for 3 and a half days a week for those 3 weeks to look after a 1 yr gorgeous little girl? I live in Castelnaudary and work in Carcassonne, so need someone within that route so i can drop her off on the way to work, or they can come to our house if necessary. I dont want leave her with just anybody, so please think carefully! Id really appreciate any suggestions. we dont have loads of cash, but im prepared to pay a set fee for the 3 weeks. many thanks

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Hello, has anyone used a local aupair or aupair service/agency that they can recommend? We're hoping to find a native french speaker to live in but everywhere i try i only get non-french nationals applying. Any advice welcome! Thanks, Jo

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