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I a, based opposite this lovely campsite which few people know about: just thought i would let you know its preparing to open its beautiful space from easter: welcome is warm; location is great for day trips to the park or Montpelier; Beziers and the canal du midi or just wander down the fabulous Mare river at the end of the camping, tuck into fresh fish at the farm or head into the traditional french town straddling the river: for more info 0467236416leclocher.neyran@wanadoo.fr

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We are considering moving to the area in the next 1 - 2 years and I am really looking for advice from anyone who has teenage boys. I have one son who would like to take an apprenticeship when he finishes school, he is 14 now. I also have a son of 11. Because of my eldest sons age we are not sure what our options there would be. I believe he would be put back a year so I am considering next year coming to france and then he would still have two years in a French School , Is this correct ? Does it make sense ? Your Advice please

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We hoping to move to the area shortly and was wondering on the schools in the Carcassone area. I have a 8 year old and a 4 year old the 8 year is very keen to learn and is very much gun hoe about matters. They speak a little French as its part of her lessons at school so she is quite keen to learn. I am not sure what they do in the French system with English kids. Do they put them back so that they can catch up on their French or do they just expect them to pick it up eventually. What about homework for an 8 year old, are they just expected to get on with or where do I go for help. I am learning French myself and have been for a couple of months now. We have travelled France extensively but only on holidays and when my husband has had to work here.

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Hi, we are currently based on the border of the Ariege and the Aude (near Lavelanet), and have been renting for a while. As we look for our "dream" home one of my main concerns is the standard of schools available. On the whole we love life here but I am still not convinced that the choice of schools are that great. My children are still in primaire at the moment but I would really like to hear some opinions and experiences on colleges and lycees in the area - especially around the Limoux/Carcassonne areas - or around Mirepoix. My son is not what you would call the "normal" child. He is easily bored and very active and but very very creative (at the moment at the age of 8 he wants to be an architect when he grows up and watches Grand Designs avidly!). One of the most common complaints of French schools is that they do not foster creativity. It is for me such an important point that it would or could mean the difference between staying in France long term or returning to the UK. Many thanks for your time

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Hello, I have just moved down here (near Carcasonne) with a 4 month old baby. Are there are any other mothers out there who would like to get together for some support, advice and/or coffee??

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We are thinking of buying a house in Argeliers. We were there last week and had a bit of time to explore but still seeing things with 'foreign' eyes. Can anyone help shed some light on that area? Like demographics. We will be coming from city living with 2 girls and just need to be re-assured we will not be the only family in town :)

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Hi, does anyone know anything about adopting children in France? Or fostering? The 2 topics Angloinfo doesn't seem to have anything on.... Any info or sites gratefully received.

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Hi, does anyone know of a "naturopath" (or some kind of homeopathic doctor) in any of the departments: 11, 34, 66. I am near Narbonne but haven't found one yet.? Thanks. Cornelia

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Hi everyone - my first post here - hope this doesnt sound too unimportant My wife and I are planning to move to Languedoc ( poss Provence ) next year - we have delayed pending birth of second son who arrived a month ago - we are being pressurised now for a name - I prefer Oliver ( I think ) but my wife wants to call him Raphael. Raphael does have a good meaning for us although it is a little bit 'off beam' here in the UK - does anyone have a view on its 'acceptability' or more common usage in France ? It must be my lack of confidence - our neighbour had no qualms last week in declaring that her baby girl was going to be called - Euphanie Felice Aurora !! ( no intention of living in France - moreover, she still pulled a funny face when I mentioned Raphael !!! ) As I say, hope this isnt too flippant a posting but I'd welcome some honest views. Thaks David ( unevie )

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bonjour a tous we are spending the week after christmas 26dec-1 st jan- in our house in marseillan (34) with our 11 y/o boyany ideas for suitable activities in the area  for him and us!?cordialment

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Has anyone received the document for the kids (lycee & college); have you made a decision? Any experience of the vaccination centers? Mine is in Agde, opened one and a half day a week with a minimum two hour wait...

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Hello all, has anyone ever been to the ice-rink in Narbonne? If so would you recommend it. Looking for a fun activity for the October hols and thought that this would be a good start. Or if anyone else can recommend a fun day out in the Carcassonne or Narbonne area please let me know Regards

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Hi I have just moved to Colombiers with my husband and our 2 daughters. Sarah is 5 and attends the local ecole maternelle but I am struggling to find something for Lucy, my 2 year old. I would like her to mix with other children French or English. Does anyone know of a play group or anything? I drive so anywhere around Beziers or Narbonne is good for me. Or if you're an English mum who'd like to meet up for a coffee while the kids play, that would be good too. Does anyone know of activities on a Wednesday I can do with both children? Thanks Emma

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Hi there, my family and I are planning to move to the Languedoc-Roussillon area this year, we have been living in Panama for the last 3 years ,9 years in Australia ,2 years Indonesia,5 years New Zealand 1 year in The Seychelles,that was after we got married, we now feel its time for something more civilized. We have 2 children,one 12 and one 16 ,who is rugby crazy who have been very adaptable but now need something more substantial ,and have asked to move to Europe, I am from London and my wife from one of those little towns North of the river,I think is called Davyhulme, As all parents know ,we dont know if its the right thing to do ,I was in France 30 years ago and loved it ,the food,the people,the towns etc,is it still a wonderful place? will the children be satisfied?my wife and I are horticulturists , could we find work, I specialize in landscape design,my wife in edible gardens, we have been living on 40 acres that we cleared (half) from the jungle ,we live with monkeys,, parrots, toucans,and run a hammock camp in the forest, I know the south of France is world apart but before we sell our piece of Paradise,does anyone have any advice on where we plan to move to, any comments,we would be grateful.

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Would anyone have the dates of "toussaint" holidays in the region please?

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Does anyone have good ideas to share to keep kids busy (4 & 7) in the Pezenas area? We have been to Dinosaur park in Meze, to the cinema, visited the caves at St Guilhem...what's next? Thanks all !

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We are an English family and we spend the holidays in St Cyprien. We are looking for a french family who would like their daughter age 11-12 to do an exhchange week with our daughter. We could do it locally for a few days initially, with a view to our new frend friend spending time with us in England in the future. If anyone knows someone who may be interesetd we are in St Cyp until the end of august and would be happy to meet up. Or if anyone has any other helpful suggestions that would be kind thanks Caroline

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Hi Can anyone tell me where to find the age classifications for films being shown in France. I'm used to it being prominent on the posters in the UK, but the cinema posters here seem to be lacking. My son wants to see the Harry Potter film, which I know is a 12 in the UK, but not sure if they are as strict with age limits here? Despite being under 12, I would allow him to watch it, as he has watched the last 2 on DVD, and they were both 12 as well. He likes the magic, and doesn't find them very scary. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi My son Patrick is 3 yrs old and goes to school near Limoux. Hes struggling a little learning the language and comes across as quite shy, even though in english, hes not shy at all and you cant shut him up! Does anyone have or know any british kids i could organise a bit of a regular play date with? I dont want him to miss out on making friends coz he doesnt understand what people are saying! any help/advice would be appreciated.

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We are planning on moving to Aude in August 2007 with our two kids. Will we be entitled to claim child benefit and, if so, how does it work? Is it means tested? if not, what amount can we expect to receive? Thanks.

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