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Hello, does anyone know of any UKsavings accounts paying over 0.15% interest that are avaliable toBrits living in France ?

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I have just arrived to find a lot of damage to the ceiling and furnitures in one room in our apartment. I was notified about two weeks ago by the syndic that there had been a water leak into some apartments due to a storm whilst the roof is being replaced. The syndic did not specify which apartments and said a report will be sent.i have read there is a time limit for reporting damage (5 or 10 days). How does this work if you are away?

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My father lived in Languedoc-Roussillon for over 25 years with his second wife and their son.  I am one of 4 children from my father's first marriage and we only found out by chance that my father died last week. His wife and their son did not see fit to even advise us he was ill in hospital and died there and they have refused to tell us when his funeral is and have now blocked us all on every social media outlet. We are unable to find out anything at all and I think their behaviour is obscene. My father was a wealthy man and his wife and son have led privileged lifestyles at my father's expense and to the detriment of myself and my siblings and our mother. To even be denied access to our father's funeral is reprehensible. Can anyone advise as to how we can find out when his funeral will be? 

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Hi,I have an LPA for health in the UK and wish to create a similar document in France. I believe that the equivalent is called a 'mandat de protection future'.Does anyone have any experience of this or can recommend a notaire with the relevant experience?Thanks Nick

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do  the French tax office inform the uk tax office when you sell yr French property if you have payed all relevant CG tax due etc 

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hican anyone tell me how to register as self employed in France.

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hican anyone tell me how to register as self employed in France.

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If you or anyone you know has a problem making a rdv online with the préfect Béziers. I would like to hear from you. After many months of poor communication and unprofessional-ism, the problem goes unresolved. I have a meeting with the Mayor of Béziers to organize a "peaceful" protest in front of the préfect. Im reaching out to anyone who has not been able to apply or renew their carte de sejour because of an online system that has been hacked or pirated. Legitimate people have not been able to make a rdv which greatly affects our status (residency) here in France.Thank you!

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Can anyone recommend an English Speaking Notaire for the sale of my property in the Aude.  Someone based in Trebes, Fabrezan, Carcassonne, Homps area would be great.  If they can come on personal recommendation that would be much appreciated.  Thanks

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Hidoes anybody know a good english speaking Avocat in the Herault region. Muat be a practising  Avocat, not a NotaireThanksPhoenix1

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Hello, In our on going bureaucratic process of obtaining our carte vitale and registering with our mutuelle we are now required to send our original birth and marriage certificates with a french translation undertaken by an approved translator. Can anyone who has used such a service point us to one in the Carcassonne/ Narbonne/Bezier/Perpignan area. Exasperated but determined. 

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Very simple question & please do not answer if you do not understand the question or know the answerIf I own a house in the UK for 20 years & then move to France full time.If I sell the house in the UK 2 years later will I be liable to capital gains on the house in the UKIf I am liable to capital gains would I be liable toCapital gains on the whole profit over 22 yearsorCapital gains on the profit over the 2 years when the UK home was not my main residenceThanksGed

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We have bought a house in Carcassonne & my wife intends to move there full time before Brexit. I will continue working & living in the UK for a couple more years spending weekends & holidays in France. We have been informed that when my wife registers as living in France then the house in France will be treated as our main residence. When we eventually sell our house in the UK will we have to pay capital gains on the sale of the UK property, if so will this be in the UK, France or both. I understand the capital gains in the UK, but if we have to pay capital gains in France would this be on the gains made after it became our second home. i.e We will have owned the UK property for 17 years but it would only have been our 2nd home for 2 or 3 years. In france would we have to pay capital gains on the difference between buying 17 years previously & the selling price or just pay capital gains on how much the house value has gone up in the 2 or 3 years since it became our 2nd home. If we have to pay on the full 17 years then we would need to sell before my wife starts to live in France.ThanksGed

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HiDoes anyone know how property prices have fared in Aude recently?Carcassonne area in particularThanks

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Hi any recommendations  of a currency exhange company for a house purchase,and  what was your experience with the transfer

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Hi   could anyone tell me the details of a legal court approved translator for the Aude area.   We are applying for French citizenship and need to get our UK birth certificates translated but they have to be translated by a legal court approved translator with the correct official stamp.    We are in Nébias by Quillan    Thanks  Carol 

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How much lead time is needed to notify a landlord of moving from a long term rental property?  Is it still 3 months?  I thought the law may have changed and now it is only 2 months?  Thank you for your input.

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