Car repair and insurance fiasco

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I have a car parked at my holiday apartment in Leucate.  Our last visit was in September 2019 and we discovered the car had been vandalised during our absence in the winter of 2018.  The windscreen had been smashed, the two wing mirrors wrenched off and a tyre slashed.  The insurance company, Allianz, eventually agreed it was an acceptable claim.  The car was collected and moved to a local garage which had a franchise with Allianz. The garage name is Pascual Frères of Caves.  I frequently requested progress reports without response.  Eventually, having invoked Allianz, they replied to say they had experienced "enormous difficulty" sourcing the wind mirrors.  I found, with very little effort ten suppliers of said mirrors.  One year later(!), the end of July 2020,  they declared the car ready.  By then, the Covid shutdown had commenced.  I charged Allianz with duty of care for the car (which had recently been fitted with a new battery) and they slope-shouldered.  I was mainly concerned about rodent damage which can destroy a car's electrical wiring.  The car was left in "garage mode" for insurance purposes reducing the premiums to an acceptable level.  However, I have now discovered that the premiums have been steadyly increased now costing €65 per month!  This is for a car I have no access to.It seems that I need legal assistance to obtain justice and I would very much welcome recommendations for lawyers in the Perpignan - Narbonne area.

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Hi Graham. Not off hand concerning a lawyer, but I can investigate. You were not to know, but I wouldn't use Pascual who charged me 50% over the normal cost when he serviced my Clio. My fault as I am new in the area and I should have asked for a devis before taking the car. I live in Fitou, 10 minutes from the garage. Can I do anything concerning the garage? The premium from Allianz, in my opinion is outrageous. Message me and I will give you my email address.

Cheers, Simon

PS: We also have a holiday apartment in Leucate.

Graham-Wright-1002463 1630508214

I believe there may be a French insurance ombudsman.

Can anyone advise please?

Matthew -Parris-992373 1632665833

If you google "mediateur assurance auto" you will find the details 

Be aware that you need to have exhausted the company's complaints  procedure

before going to them

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