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Hello. Dies anyone know of any restaurants open on Christmas Day either in Perpignan or surrounding villages that may have space for 2 people. Ideally something traditional where locals would go and with entertainment.....and possibly cooking on an open fire. Any suggestions welcome as I appreciate it is short notice. Thank you

started by: Yvonne-Gerstel-Grant-896678 · last update: 1511978383 · posted: 1511978383

Are there any restaurants open near Clermont l'Herault (34) on Christmas Day?  Willing to travel up to 40 minutes.  Thanks

started by: Amanda-Slade-913959 · last update: 1510049750 · posted: 1510049750

We are a couple with 8 years experience running successful restaurants and are now looking for a similar business to lease.  Prefer Capestang area or within 10kms radius.  We would also consider renting a chambres d'hotes or gites business.   many thanks.

started by: spitfire-182482 · last update: 1507210764 · posted: 1506074259

Does anyone know of a shop that I can get these from or have any recipes for making your own, looking for a variety of them for a curry night.

started by: John Reacher · last update: 1479756244 · posted: 1479217890

HiDoes anyone know of any restaurants in the Carcassonne area which are open on Christmas day?Many Thanks

started by: Judy-Bamber-864387 · last update: 1479280532 · posted: 1469696006

Does anyone know where you can buy fruit cordials here like Robinsons in UK.

started by: Vendee Hearts-545425 · last update: 1463164459 · posted: 1460105027

Bonjour, we are a husband and wife team with 8 years experience of managing and chefing in successful restaurants across France.   We are searching for a small restaurant or chambre d'hotes in the Languedoc to rent or buy.Prefer the Herault or Gard area however would consider further afield for the right property.many thanks

started by: Tim-Fok-854301 · last update: 1461099344 · posted: 1459198039

Hi, We are looking for a wedding caterer for our June 2017 wedding. We're a London based couple but getting married in the Languedoc-Roussillon, not far from Aiguèze. We'll have around 90-95 guests, and want an informal buffet style afternoon meal with a hog roast in the evening. Thanks, Tim

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Hi everybody probably left it a bit late but I am searching for mincemeat, can anybody please help, please, please.

started by: petermathews · last update: 1446566446 · posted: 1446468958

It's that time of year again! Was in Ceret a couple of weeks ago and bought a pack, (but normally we get it at G20 in Carcassonne, however they told me they do not have it). We need some more for mincemeat. Anyone spotted any on shelves local to Carcassonne or Narbonne?   Thanx in anticipation.

started by: Jane@clara · last update: 1445895771 · posted: 1348480259

Hi I would really love to get my hands on a large plump Christmas Turkey this year.  I have managed for over a decade on the smaller French varieties available here buying one or two depending on numbers, but surely now there must be British Turkery rearers who ship from UK or who rear in France.  Any information or advice gratefully received, thank you. Jane

started by: AuntyJanJan · last update: 1444510571 · posted: 1398109924

Does anyone know any places to find wild garlic?  We think it should be out now and despite a few drives around we cannot find any.  Places to try appreciated. Thanks  

started by: Rob 77-536559 · last update: 1444259440 · posted: 1397169438

Hi, Any suggestions for a nice reasonably priced lunch in or around Pezenas please? Rob

started by: collywobbles-921222 · last update: 1444249947 · posted: 1384338831

There are certain groceries that I miss from the UK including beer. Does anybody know of a carrier who will take groceries in, in the UK, and then ship them down to the Languedoc

started by: soope-486241 · last update: 1436949619 · posted: 1436455985

Hi, Does anyone know of anywhere in the Carcassonne area that sells Quorn please? Many thanks

started by: grahamday · last update: 1418641491 · posted: 1416760197

Live near to Limoux and looking  for someone to help out at the odd dinner party or drinks gathering - serving wine , food etc and helping tidy away. Just on the odd part time basis

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Does anyone know where i can buy Branstons Pickle in the Carcassonne area? Casino etc don't seem to stock it Thanks!

started by: rhornsby · last update: 1416048506 · posted: 1415013836

Hi, Does anyone know where one can get beer making supplies in the area.   Thanks, Richard

started by: di11on · last update: 1415644201 · posted: 1415291087

Hi folks, We are ablel to almost fully recreate an Irish Christmas here in the south of France by importing things (mince meat, cadbury's chocolate, Christmas pudding etc.) from places like Britishonlinesupermarket.com. However, there is one thing that I fail to crack year after year and that's a whole ham. I simply can't think of a way of getting it here without going to Ireland or the UK and bringing it back with me somehow. To be clear about what I am looking for... a whole ham joint, cured but not cooked. I believe I could order the correct piece of raw pork (leg joint) but it wouldn't be cured and I'm wary of doing this myself (we'll have guests for Christmas and I don't want to experiment too much ). The closest I can come is jarret or palette but these cuts simply don't do it for me - I want the real deal. Anyone any ideas? I'm willing to travel. Cheers, Jody

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Hi there......would anyone be able to help me on a query that I have please. I just wanted to know if anyone knew who was in charge of getting a market stall for the sat pezenas market as I wanted to do a food stall. I wanted to also know how much the pitch was please. Yr help would be greatly appreciated! Nina Bhudiya

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