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I don't know if I just drank too much wine at lunch time... No actually, I do know that because I keep pressing the wrong keys; And I can't focus on all the little letters… However, I've just made myself the most delicious sandwich I've had since I moved to France and I'm proud enough about it to want to share it with others. I feel that I've made good use of French ingredients whilst sticking with a respected traditional English recipe of bacon and eggs. So, here is my recently discovered and soon to make me rich and famous recipe. Serves 2 people. But you might want more. Hard boil 4-6 eggs depending on how greedy you feel. Take 2 frozen baguettes (about 20 cents each) a put them into a hot oven for 10 mins. Fry up one packet of lardons (bacon pieces) and put to the side to cool. Peel the eggs and put them into a bowl for mashing. Add a fair quantity of Camembert and a little crème fraiche. If you haven't got camembert, Brie will probably do just as well. Or any other mild, creamy cheese. Add the bacon pieces (lardons) and mix thoroughly. Remove the bread from the oven, slice into 2 parts and spread the mixture liberally over each side. Serve immediately. To garnish you may choose to add a few slices of tomato with a little basil. Enjoy (",) (",)

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PS. Someone (French) told me that the lost popular celebrity chef in France was actually Jamie Oliver!

Does anyone know if this is true.


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No idea how popular he is over here but I imagine that the french would like how he has used his celebrity status to do some good! I have peeled many a hyperactive child from a classroom ceiling in the Uk after a school dinner of e numbers and nuggets before Jamie got going!

French lunches are so civilized in comparison- it is so funny. A bit like a resto scene only in minature and with a LOT more noise. The kids in the cantine have loads of courses and get their little block of cheese at the end of their meal. No wine, of course!!

I don't know that school dinner ladies would be able to cope with your sandwich recipe on a daily basis though!

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