Any fellow Vegetarians?

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Hi, Just moved into the Roujan area and would like to know if there are any vegetarians in my area? Lorna

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petead23 1248948276

Hi Lorna

My partner Angie is a vegetarian we have been here since December last year. The main thing to know is The English Cafe in Pezanus sells "Quorn" peices!!

petead23 1248948346

Sorry, we do live not far away in Bedarieux area.

skiddy-483028 1248951377

Im just soth of Mazamet and a veggi too... not living there full time yet but do spend a lot of time there ....I havnt found any problems finding all the ingrediants I want for my meals and most of the health shops sell many quorn items ... plus the bonus of all the loverly fresh stuff out there much nicer than the market products near me... I havnt had a problem yet in a cafe or resturant learn a few french phases that explain what you want and your be fine ...

Lorna-488934 1248953151

Hi Thanks for your replies so far. We are a vegetarian family of 3, including my 8 year old daughter who is going to attend the local school here in September. We have spoken to the Maire and he did not think it a problem to offer a vegetarian option at school! Until moving here we had no experience of this area of France, but locals generally are very friendly and accommodating. I agree Skiddy that the local produce is so much better than England. Lorna

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When my vegetarian daughter (living in Paris) comes visiting, I get a stock of "tofu" which is based on soya beans, full of protein. To be found in all supermarkets.
French restaurants only offer a plate of vegetables or goat's cheese salad when she explains, and since we can eat that (and the inevitable omelette) at home, we go to an Italian on the rare occasions when we do eat out with her. France isn't into vegetarianism (yet)!

dmu-487641 1248954860

... I meant RURAL France!

Lorna-488934 1248955861

Hi, I agree that France has yet to discover vegetarianism. We generally need to eat out at a pizza restaurant, or we are offerred a plate of vegetables, but it is a start! I know that the organic movement is growing here, and I think healthy living is on the general agenda, so vegetarianism as a lifestyle choice may follow.

I wonder if there is scope for a veggie cafe etc in the area?


dmu-487641 1248962618

Hi again,
Do you mean you are thinking about opening one?
Out of interest, I looked in the Pages Jaunes and also googled "Restaurants végétariens Hérault", and there are very few in the Département, as such.
Difficult to say whether this means that a new vegetarian restaurant would be successful, or that others tried before and only a few survived due to lack of interest.
The English café mentioned above might do veggie snacks and Pézenas isn't far from Roujan. I'd first check to see how healthy (in the financial sense!) the Pézenas one is.
Also, there are already several cafés in Roujan - you'd have to check on what type of customers eat there regularly, how full they are, esp. in winter, etc.., and decide whether a veggie restaurant would have the potential to attract local custom...
If you do open one, post on here, and I'll bring my daughter along for a meal when she's down!

Lorna-488934 1248976719

Yes I know what you mean. If I were to consider doing such a venture I would not want to do it alone, I speak very little French at the moment and would need a partner who shares the same (vegetarian) values and ideas as myself.

Caro-491960 1250281181

I am a vegan and have just been visiting Montpellier from Paris and went to a very nice veggie/vegan restaurant called Tripti Kulai on Rue Jacques Coeur (number 20). The is good and fresh and the service is also very good. It's run entirely by females too. Try the Chai in the afternoon with soya milk - it hits the spot!
Am also a chef myself though and was thinking of opening up a vegan/vegetarian place in Montpellier...! Lorna, from below, if you are serious about doing a veggie cafe then we should talk as I also do not want to do it by myself and am looking for a business partner to work with. Am currently cheffing in Paris, but want to move down south away from the big city. Anyway Lorna, get in touch if you are interested in chatting further!

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