Branstons Pickle

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Does anyone know where i can buy Branstons Pickle in the Carcassonne area? Casino etc don't seem to stock it Thanks!

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clearwaters 1412249062

-Both Carrefour and Inter Marche stock it on their "UK" shelves - but it will cost you!

Miss Moneypenny-499580 1412254862

I live over the border in Spain and we can buy it in Carrefour here!!

nuphilx 1412364108

Merci bien!

LesChenes-935185 1413322852

Check out

northernlass-496514 1413387446

LeClerc Hyper in Carcassonne have it.


Dilly45 1413575336

A friend who lives in Bouzigues said there is an English foods shop run by an English lady in Pezenas..... don't have any more information than that I'm afraid but not to far to go and investigate?


Shazaka 1414273136

Reflect stoke it and there is a stall run by an English woman in the indoor part of the .market at Limoux on a Friday sells it

perrypaws 1416244820

Hurry while stocks last. After weeks of searching, just got back from Super U in Trebes and there are jars of Branstons Pickle on the English shelf.  Easily identified it is the one with the Union  Jack Flag on it . 

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