Cheese Tasting In Aude / Languedoc

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Hi We have a rental property and guests are asking where they can go cheese tasting ? I know there is not too much made in the area but does any one know of any where they can go other than local markets, to try local cheese ? Thanks NBS

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Yes I do.... meet nicky, I have just used her to help me buy my barn and land ... she is funny, friendly and very knowledgleble about the local area .. with local organic bakers and cheese makers up her sleeve and local walks ... she is a one stop service for people like me and other holiday makers ... I was so impressed by her service .. I now count her as a friend... who Im sure I will use again and again ... please look at her site ...Im sure you will be impressed by her service much as I was ....

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I live close to Bize-Minervois. My French neighbours they produce goat cheese. They have loads of goats. If you are close to Bize-Minervois maybe will interest you. We have a holiday accomodation as well. They call Camberbelle.


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