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Hi I would really love to get my hands on a large plump Christmas Turkey this year.  I have managed for over a decade on the smaller French varieties available here buying one or two depending on numbers, but surely now there must be British Turkery rearers who ship from UK or who rear in France.  Any information or advice gratefully received, thank you. Jane

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We get a turkey crown from Epicerie Barenton every year. Might be worth looking at their website or contacting them. They deliver via courier service throughout France. Excellent products and service.

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Last year we asked Patrick from Le Petit Marche Anglais to bring us down a frozen turkey.We really enjoyed it and as they say 'there was still some left for Boxing day'! We will be doing the same again this year

He can usually be found at St Chinian Market on a Sunday plus probably others during the week.


Jane@clara 1348506607

Thanks very much for the info, will look into all suggestions - fingers crossed!

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Hi - don't make our mistake of ordering "early" from your supplier-as in UK. We did- and picking up our medium-sized "bird from Bresse", on Xmas eve, from our local boucherie got a pleasant surprise -82€! Too embarrassed in the queue to refuse- what a turkey!

They usually have good frozen ones in the supermarkets just a few days before the festival.

Thet usuaully have good sized frozen ones that suddenly appear a few days before Xmas

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I have ordered mine the last two years from eds now dia, you can order the turkey to collect upto xmas eve, good prices and lovely turkey. hope ths helps.

Jane@clara 1350576362

Thanks for last two posts.  But by large I mean about 8kg, and the best I've managed to find locally is about 4kg, which is bizarre as our local supermarket often sells huge turkey legs vacuum packed, but never the corresponding whole bird!!

Have checked out Epicerie Barenton and placed an order of lamb mince and sausages to see how it all works, and was really pleased with prompt delivery and great products so will be going with that option I think (and for lots of other things too!!)  Thanks northernlass, a great recommendation!

northernlass-496514 1350583317

Excellent!! So pleased to help. My Christmas order will be on the way next week.

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Ordered one for some american friends for thanksgiving, just went into our local Carrefour Supermarket and asked the butchery manager, he picked up the phone and within a minute had ordered us a fresh 10 kilo one. Picked it up day before thanksgiving, sans problem ! No cheap.

Alan C-B 1445895771

Have you tried Lidl's? ... Buy the bits and piece them together ... a scream at 5.50 euro ... you are going to carve it anyway! .... Think Creative! We are going to have a patchwork turkey this Christmas!

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