English Food Business for Sale

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The business has been built up over three years and is on target to achieve a turnover of €50,000 this year. We are now ready to sell on to someone who has the ambition and drive to not only maintain this business at its present level with 12 outlets but to expand it into a growing market. Serious interested parties are invited to telephone for an appointment to discuss further details of the sale. Tel. no. 04 68 40 97 11

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MarkAndJen 1237207686

where is it based please?

BusinessForSale-489440 1237475517

The office is in ornasions 11200, but the outlets there are 13 you will find all the outlets on the web site www.lfn.org.uk click on the shop section and got to the bottom of the price list

ian81-482151 1237482364

Hi Norm
Surely you and the girls are not moving on? You will be missed if so. Ian

BusinessForSale-489440 1237485672

No not moving the business is growing I only have one pair of hands, its now ready to move on, more and more sales each month, it needs someone who wants a business that is growing.

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