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I was back in england a couple of weeks ago and i indulged in my favourite little treat of a portion of fish and chips! I thought it was a real shame there's nowhere to buy any in the region, i wouldn't even mind travelling a little while to find them (up to two hours from carcassone on a weekend)! Does anybody have any ideas? Is there nobody wanting to buy and open a good old fashioned "chippy" in the area? tinks

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I can think of a lot of reasons why I wouldn't want fish and chips in this region. If you are serious, I think that you can find them just over the border in Spain near Girona. Lloret, I think.

Regards Alex
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I don't live in your region, although not too far, but sometimes I get a real craving for fish and chips with loads of vinegar cooked the way they cook them in Italian cafes in Scotland - sorry, whatever Spain's offering isn't the real deal! I have maybe had about five 'fish suppers' in my entire life, but they're one of those cravings that nothing else will satisfy. Same goes for good Indian food. Open a chippy, I think it's a great idea, outwith the big cities the French are very insular about food and surely the country that will swallow chitterling sausage will swallow anything.

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I think a chippy would slightly deface the world heritage site that is carcassonne, however it's true that sometimes a craving won't go away until it's been satisfied, maybe i'll see what ryanair are charging to go back to the UK this weekend! :0>


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